Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Planting & Writing

We planted our spring garden this week and had so much fun!
First, we had to remove the lettuce we planted earlier this year.

We got to see the roots attached to the lettuce.

Some children had never planted before.
        We planted organic, edible plants.

 Each child got about one square foot of soil to plant their organic, edible plant.
Soil, amenities, and plants are all organic.

Getting our hands dirty is so much fun!  :)

We also planted beans inside, but check out my SECRET TIP for successful beans sprouting.
The Secret Staples make all the difference!
Roots grow through the staples.  Beans don't get soggy.

Well, I guess it's not a secret any longer.  :)

And then, we write about EVERYTHING in our 4-Star Writing Journals with Rubric.

So, what is your class planting this spring?

Palma  :)


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