Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Michael's, Walmart, CVS, Oh My!

My last Post-Easter finds:
A pointer from Michael's for 40 cents!

Spring pencils from Walmart for attaching to birthday cards or for your treasure box, 50 cents for 12.

CVS had these little containers which I will use for adding and subtracting by filling each container with tiny two-sided counters.  50% off makes these $2.50 for 12.  And the pointer lights up!  It was $1.

I'll use 5 at a time for small group math.
I'll put 4 tiny counters in each and they can spill them out to
see how many ways to compose and decompose 4.  

More colored eggs at Michael's for 79 cents a bag.  I'll use ideas I found on Heidi's blog for these.
Seba, the cat, was curious.  :)

And Walmart has these cute folders on sale for 50% off, 3 for 50 cents.  I have posted this dish rack idea before.  These drainers are also @ Walmart.  I use them to hold file folders all over my classroom and they look so cool on the table during parent/teacher conferences with my pens and my iPhone in the silverware rack.  :)

OK, I think that's all of the Post-Easter shopping deals for now!  :)

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Feel free to insert a link to my blog when you shout out, though! LOL!