Friday, June 7, 2024

Are You Looking for a Discount for the Frog Street Slash Conference???

 Here You Go... Discounts & FREEBIES!

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I am so excited to be presenting my hands-on, make-&-take Science session at this year's Splash Conference in Texas and I have a discount code just for all of YOU! 
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Like: A FREE set of Scientific Method Signs for your classroom:
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And how about some Classroom Center Signs like this one?

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       The Butterfly Life Cycle based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar:
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This set will be discounted during the conference for anyone at my session.

FUN experimenting with science.
You will leave my session 
with so many exciting science activities
 to use with your littlest learners!
Here is a sneak peek at what we will be doing! 

I'll see you there!

Thursday, March 28, 2024

It's Clean, It's Neat, & It's All NEW!

 All of the Features You Want:

   ~Modernized Look and Feel: A clean and welcoming interface awaits.

   ~ Upgraded Graphs: Including a rubric graph for a better understanding of student

   ~ Improved Organization: A smoother, more organized workflow.

You will LOVE it!

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Friday, March 8, 2024

What Do The Other Kids Do While I'm Teaching a Small Group?

 I See This Question All The Time. Here is the Answer:

While I'm teaching a small group of students, the other children are working on their "Table Work*" at their tables. (*Meaningful work they can do Independently.)

Here are some examples:

Alpha Chants- Students trace ONLY the letter we are focusing on that day (or week) with a fine-tip marking pen. Then, they glue it to the 6" pocket created by folding a 12"X18" piece of construction paper into a 12"X12" square and stapling the 6" flap at the sides. 
CLICK HERE for the chants.
We use the pocket to make an Alphabet book
that holds all of our other work about this letter. 

Pocket-Lockets- We create a pocket watch or a locket with a hidden high frequency word inside. 
This set comes with Dolch Words and blanks to create your own Pocket-Lockets! 

The 1st time we did this, ALL of the girls wanted to make the locket & ALL of the boys wanted to make the pocket watch, but after that 1st time, they chose a differently every time!

One of the activities from this "All About Numbers" Math Set- (It also comes in 2 smaller sets of #s 1-5 and #s 6-10.) 
ALPHABET PICTURE CARDS & PHONICS PAGES- This set comes with 3 pictures for each sound, but I also put additional pictures from old workbooks or magazines on their tables. Students draw & label 3 pictures. Younger students can cut and paste the graphics included in the set. 
We put the entire page into the pocket we made on Monday. 
CLICK HERE for the set.

Rime Time: (Yes, "rime" instead of "rhyme" because we are working on Onset Rimes.) Student create a spinning word wheel with onset rimes by changing the first letter of each word to create a new word. 

CLICK HERE for the set

These were my "go to" Table Activities, 
but you can substitute 
any independent activity you like. 
You can find more independent activities 
on my TpT Store

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Friday, March 1, 2024

Did March Come in Like a Lion???

Roar Through Assessments Quickly & Easily With THE TESTABLE MOMENT:

You have heard about "The Teachable Moment," but what about "The Testable Moment?"

1. Quickly assess your students on their progress to make sure they are on target.


"Chuck" your testing into small, quick sessions. That's the Testable Moment! Here is how:

     ~In small groups, while students are illustrating what they will be writing about, test each student on a just 3 or 4 sight words. (I used ESGI.)

Here I am with a group of 5 testing each child on the next 3 sight words that come up on their individual sight word assessment.
  ~While your students are browsing books in the library, grab your iPad or laptop & click on "untested students" in ESGI and test a student or 2, or 3.

You can do this quickly and easily with ESGI. Start a FREE trial today and discover ESGI's new dashboard & how to save hours & hours planning, teaching, & assessing.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

How Do You Explain LEAP YEAR to Kindergarten Students?

Plus, Leap into ESGI This Year & Win!

The best way to simply explain why we get an extra day every four years is this:

~It takes approximately 365.25 days for Earth to orbit the Sun.      
  That's called a solar year. 
~We usually round the days in a calendar year to 365. 
~To make up for the missing partial day, we add one day to our 
  calendar about every four years. ~And That is called a leap  

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With ESGI, prepare to LEAP into your assessment process like never before!       

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Toss out all that paper clutter and shine with efficiency & instant reports. 
Reports, like this Item Analysis, tell you WHO knows each and every skill and WHO DOES NOT!!! Instant R.T.I. 

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"Hey, Teacher Friends! Are you ready for a classroom Glow Up?


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I won because ESGI made me glow in my classroom by helping me to target the specific skills each child needed. 


~I used the "flashcards" as "skill cards" and I put each child's skill cards into zipper bags to create RTI kits to take home or to use in class with an adult or a cross-age tutor. 

Here is a sample of the skill cards that reflect the incorrect skills for this child. We cut them apart, put them into zipper sandwich bags, & we chose 1 skill card to work on with an adult or tutor. 

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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Are You Celebrating The Lunar New Year This Month? GLOW with this FREEBIE & ESGI Offer.

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It's time to "GLOW" with these adorable lanterns!
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Your students will love this FREE template for making the cutest lanterns for the Lunar New Year. 

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Use the ESGI Flashcards as "skill cards" and provide in-class and at-home individualized RTI for each of your students with just one click! Here is how:

~I used the "flashcards" as "skill cards" and I put each child's skill cards into zipper bags to create RTI kits to take home or to use in class with an adult or a cross-age tutor. 

Here is a sample of the skill cards that reflect the incorrect skills for this child. We cut them apart, put them into zipper sandwich bags, & we chose 1 skill card to work on with an adult or tutor. 

And that's how you can GLOW with ESGI!