Monday, October 23, 2023

Are You Wondering What ESGI is All About?

 Warning: One you see it, you will want it!

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Let's get started: 

ESGI is a 1:1 progress monitoring platform. 

You can use it anywhere you have an Internet connected device!

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All you do is choose a student and choose a test. 
Click the image & enter the code KFUN for your FREE trial. 

Click the image above & enter the code KFUN for a FREE trial. 

Instant Progress Monitoring at Your Fingertips!
Click the image above & enter the code KFUN for a Free trial. 

In the red framed "Item Analysis" teachers can click on any of the bars in the bar graph to view a list of students who have mastered, or who have NOT mastered each skill. Instant R.T.I.  :)
In the yellow framed "Class Totals" teachers can view raw scores or percentage scores for each student during each grading period.
In the green framed "Class grades" teachers can view grades that match YOUR report cards
for each skill.

& enter the code KFUN 
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Friday, October 13, 2023

Can You Feel It? It's Time to Learn Color Words & Have Some Halloween FUN!

There is a chill in the air!

Click the image!

Click the image to see the take-home book: What Do You See?
Click the image to grab the take-home book: What Do You See?
Click the image to see the take-home book: What Do You See?

Click the image above. 

Click the image above. 

After completing 8 character pages (we did 1 or 2 each day), they color all of the characters on the last page and they get to take the book home to "read" to their families.  

Click the image to see the take-home book: What Do You See?

Click the image to see all of the fonts & graphics from DJ Inkers.

Click the image to see all of the fonts and graphics from DJ Inkers!

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

How to Make Addition So Much FUN:

Why, With Spiders, of Course!

Who wouldn't like adding spiders while composing numbers to 10?

All the ways to compose three:
1 spider is touching the web. 2 spiders are NOT touching the web.
1 + 2 = 3.
You can use plastic spider rings or just use paper clips. 
If you use spider rings, just cut off the rings. 

You can start with the lowest numbers just to get your students familiar with the academic language: "plus" and "equal".

How It Works:

I would begin with 2, but I used photos of a lesson using the number 3. 

So here is how it worked using the number 3: 
I placed 3 spiders in a cute Halloween treat container. 
You can also just use a paper cup. 

I placed my hand over the container and shook it three times.

I did the 1st one, then I let each child have a turn. 

I spilled the spiders onto the spider web mat and together we counted the number of spiders that were touching the web. (This sample had all 3 spiders touching the web, so we would have written 3 + 0 = 3.

I did the 1st one, then I let each child have a turn. 

Along with me, students recorded the number of spiders that were touching the web on their record sheet. 
(There were 3, so we wrote 3.)

You get colored or black & white masters.

Then, they recorded the number of spiders that were not touching the web. (There were zero spiders not touching the web, so we wrote 0.)

2 spiders are NOT touching the web.

Last, they recorded the total number of spiders we had. 
(In this last photo above, they had only 1 spider touching the web, so we would have written 1. Then, we would have written 2 for the number of spiders NOT touching the web so our equation would have been 1 + 2 - 3.) 
We continued to shake, spill, and write all of equations that totaled 3. 
If you get the same number of spiders touching the web as before, just try again until you get all of the possible equations. 

To help them write the numerals, I wrote 0, 1, 2, and 3  on little tombstones which I got @ the 99 Cent Store. They were 6 for $1. These models helped the children when writing the numbers they needed. 

Hint: Write the numbers on the backs of each tombstone so you know which tombstone to use.

To facilitate total group participation, I let each child have a turn shaking the container 3 times and spilling the spiders on the web mat. (If you don't have plastic spiders or cute containers, just use small paperclips in a small paper cup.) 

I also let each child make their own counting rack. (Kind of like a Rekenrek.)

(You can just use a pipe cleaner with 3 pony beads laced on it. Remember to curl the ends of the pipe cleaners to secure them on the Fun Foam.) 
I gave the students a piece of Fun Foam cut into cute shapes like a pumpkin or a bone (you can also buy pre-cut shapes), a pipe cleaner, and 3 plastic spider rings. 
I put 2 dots on the Fun Foam with a Sharpie indicating where to poke the pipe cleaner in. 
Students poked the pipe cleaner into the Fun Foam, added the spider rings, poked the other end of the pipe cleaner into the Fun Foam, and twisted the ends of the pipe cleaners to secure the rings. 

As we counted the number of spiders that landed on the web, we moved that number of spiders across the pipe cleaner. These hands-on tools help to make math real and fun. 

Since one spider is touching the web, we moved one spider to the right on the pipe cleaner.
That left two spiders not touching the web and two spiders at the left side of the pipe cleaner. 

As students get more familiar with this process, they will be able to complete the record sheets on their own. You might also want to allow each child to have their own set of spiders in containers and mats so they can work at their own pace with you observing and guiding in a small group setting. 

All set up for my small group.
We will all share one web mat and complete our record sheets together. 

You can also set this up as a center by copying one web mat and one record sheet on card stock. Laminate them and place them at a center with spiders, a container, a dry erase pen, and a soft eraser.

I LOVE my Scotch Laminator!
Click the image of the laminator for more info.
You can just use any counters and cups, but I spent $6 at the 99 Cents store and got a cute spider bowl, a bag of spider rings, a set of 6 tombstone chalkboards, and a set of treat boxes, a set of Fun Foam shapes, and pipe cleaners to make addition extra fun. 

You can grab this set by 

 Sum Spiders: 
Click the image.

I used DJ Inkers "Spook'tacular Smiles" graphics and fonts to create this product.
I use this set all year long. I use spiders in October and then again in the spring. 

Monday, October 9, 2023

Looking For The BEST PD For Behavior Emergencies?

It's Not Just a Bandaid, It's a TOOL KIT:

The CA Kindergarten Association gathered 4 amazing experts on child behavior and created an 8-session pre-recorded series that you may view at your convenience! AND... you may earn university graduate credits! 

Meet the Experts:


Click the image. 
Click the image. 

Click the image.

Get all the information by
or on ANY image. 


Saturday, August 12, 2023

Teaching Back in the 70s. You Won't Believe How We Did It! + Prizes!!!

No SMART Boards, Internet, or ESGI:

How did we ever manage? 

Click the image to start your FREE trial & enter to WIN. 

Well, we did a lot of paperwork by hand, calculated grades, and tried to analyze data with a pencil and paper!

We didn't have ESGI to do it all for us, create our groups, drive our instruction, guide our RTI, and keep us all on track. 

Over the years...

I started out using a black chalk board. Oh, how it dried my hands out!
Then, they told us about the latest research and how students can see pale yellow chalk much better than white if it's used on a green background. (Ahh, that's why our freeway signs are green with off-white lettering!)

After a few years, I begged for one of those new Dry Erase boards, but funding was low, so I purchased a large sheet of tile board (the kind that can be used below ceramic tiles on your counters) and I had it installed in my classroom. 

Then, came the Internet and SMART Boards which changed the playing field altogether. I loved using them as much as my students. 

ESGI: Today's Best Tool...

Once I discovered ESGI, back in 2009, I NEVER looked back and I can't imagine teaching without it. 
I would test only the next 3-5 sight words with one child sitting at my small group table 
while the other students at this table were engaged in a simple activity. I was able to test all 5 students in less than 10 minutes. I called this "chunking" the tests into small, manageable parts. 

Not only did my students beg me to test them, but the instant data helped me to create fluid groups that changed all the time as needed. 
I set up my RTI using the data found in the "Item Analysis" report and my "Class Totals" report helped me to drive my instruction and meet the needs of all of my students. 
My favorite part of this current 2023-24 Era is getting to use the Self-Assessments. How brilliant to let the students feel like they are playing while we are really assessing skills and gathering data. Win-Win with ESGI!
C out the new self-assessments at ESGI.

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