Sunday, January 8, 2023

Will You Be at The CA Kindergarten Conference This Weekend?

 I Will! And I'll Be Presenting on Emergent Writing:

Come to Santa Clara, CA this weekend and enhance your Pre-K, T.K., Kindergarten, or 1st Grade Classroom with so many new ideas! Our theme this year is "Play to Learn" and YOU get to play to learn too!

So Much FUN:

I will be presenting at session C7: "Emergent Writing: Developing Oral Language to Create Successful Writers."  Come and learn how to develop a strong oral language foundation in your littlest learners to facilitate success with writing. This developmentally appropriate session will take you through the steps to meet your students at their own level, differentiate your instruction, and enhance your writing program.

But that's not all... You will also discover tips and tricks that come from teaching for over 40 years! From leaving spaces between words to writing letters from the top down, you will be able to meet every challenge your students might present. And the best part is that they will BEG YOU TO WRITE EVERY DAY! 

This conference is filled with so many diverse topics and presenters from all over the country! You won't want to miss the FUN & GAMES at our Evening Event on Saturday night. "Game Night," which is FREE, is  included with your registration. 

And you won't want to miss the amazing Art Party where you will not only get to view tons of children's art (free directions and lesson plans will be available), but you can also join in on the FUN at the Make & Take Art Tables. I will be managing the "Sunflower" table inspired by Vincent Van Gogh and part of the the Art Party's theme: "I Am An Artist."

And don't forget the Vendor's Hall where you can find everything from games for your classroom to a new t-shirt for YOU! We will be giving away prizes throughout the weekend and EVERYONE wins with a SWAG bag and FREEBIES! ESGI will be there giving away a chance to win a FREE Year of ESGI and Alive Studios will be there with all kinds of augmented reality FUN!

The FUN starts on Friday, January 13 with the Pre-Conference and it continues all day Saturday and Sunday, Jan 14 and 15. Come for 1 day, 2, or 3, but be sure to be there!  CLICK HERE for more info and to register. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Your Classroom Can Come ALIVE in 2023!

 Have You Seen This Yet? (Get a FREE Book & 5% off!)

I loved how my classroom came ALIVE with the amazing engagement that I achieved with Alive Studios.
I started out with just the interactive journals and their FREE app:
CLICK the image to GRAB THIS.

The QR codes make these journals come alive with amazing graphics and sound!

I used them at my small group table too! You can get more info and order them by clicking HERE

Be sure to use my affiliate code and get 5% off of your order + an Amos Alligator book for FREE!

Your students will thank you!

Monday, September 5, 2022


...Welcome to Our Classroom!

I made this little palm tree topper for a 2D palm tree that we used in kindergarten.  I wanted to change it up a bit for my TK class, so we made these 3D palm trees. Start saving those TP tubes!
I LoVe, LoVe, LoVe it!
I took the same topper, we cut 2 slits into it, and we slid it onto a TP tube.

The best part was adding the peel-and-stick Fun Foam letters to it. (Did you catch my cute file folder rack? Yes, it's a dish drainer! It holds my file folders and the utensil caddy holds pens & pencils! Perfect for my individual student files.)

Each child glued his/her picture to the top and it made an instant bulletin board! Perfect to have up for Back-to-School Night. 

Lovin' TK!

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Monday, August 29, 2022

October FUN Will Soon Be Here!

An Oldie Worth Re-posting:

October Math The KFUN Way:

Use a slice of a pool noodle to create these 5 Little Pumpkins and teach ordinal numbers.

Find out how to make these cute little pumpkins by clicking HERE.

Halloween Sight Word FUN:

Practicing color sight words has never been so much fun and your students can make an easy reading book to take home and share with their families.
This is a color version of the black line book cover.
I usually complete one page a day with my students in a whole group setting.  The book contains 9 pages plus the cover, so we complete it over two weeks, but you can also complete several pages at one time in a small group setting.

Here are the directions.
One the first page, the students copy the sight word "Black" and color the cat black.

On the next page, they copy the sight word "Orange" and color the pumpkins orange.

This is my favorite page:  I see a green monster looking at me!

They continue in this manner until all of the characters end up at a Halloween party.  

You can grab this book by clicking RIGHT HERE.

Have You Seen My Pocket Lockets?

My students beg to make these each week.  They can make a sight word pocket watch or a sight word locket.  This is how:
First, they trace the letters and numbers.
Next, they cut out the pocket-locket.
Then, they cut out the individual letters of the sight word.
Next, they glue on the letters on in the correct order.
Last, they add a piece of yarn.

They can wear it in their pockets as a pocket watch or around their necks as a locket.
This set contains 18 sight words plus a blank
pocket-locket so you can add more sight words.
You can grab two FREE Pocket Lockets by clicking RIGHT HERE.

Grab the entire set by clicking HERE.

More Sight Word Fun:

Shaving cream creates the perfect surface for writing sight words.
And when you're all done, just clean it up and your desks are nice and clean!

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Palma :)

Friday, August 5, 2022

I Promised to Post About this FREEBIE:

If you saw my webinar...

... for the teachers of Santa Cruz earlier this week, you know that I promised to post about the cute Text & Spell phones that my friend, Traci Clausen created.
Click the image to grab this FREEBIE!

Here is the link:  CLICK HERE

They come in black or white.
Once you copy them, laminate them so students can write on the screen with dry erase pens and easily clean them off.

My students started writing their name on the screen and then texting their name with their thumbs.

They also texted sight words, one at a time and texted them.

Later, they wrote short sentences, like "I like you." or "I have a cat."
They also texted their sentences. 

It was such a fun way to motivate children to spell words and it's FREE! 

Thank you, Traci, for a wonderful resource!
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Saturday, June 11, 2022

You Won't Believe Your Eyes!

 You Are About To Get Wowed!

WARNING: You are about to get WOWED! Watch 

this video 

to see it in action. 


Then, share it with your teacher friends, administrators, and  get 5% off.

With summer upon us, I know that school districts are down to the final weeks to order products for next school year. 

If you LOVE Alive Studios Zoo as much as I do, see if your district is ready to make Alive Studios Zoo a part of your curriculum & save 5%! 

Alive Studios Zoo uses augmented reality to teach letters, sounds, word building, and more in a FUN and engaging way unlike anything else!  I used their products in my classroom and have seen fantastic results with my students.  

Click the image

You can save 5% off your order at with my promo code kfun, 

or by using this link:

Start yourself off with these interactive journals that work with the FREE App. That's how I got started with Alive Studios Zoo. These journals can be used independently from the entire program and will WOW your students!

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Looking for NO-STRESS HOMEWORK for Next Year?

 How About An Entire Year for $5?

~Print only 1 page per week for 34 weeks.
~Super easy for teachers to collect & record.
~Valuable skills without the stress.
~Encourages simple interaction with family.

WIN ~~~ WIN ~~~ WIN~~~WIN!!!
And it's ON SALE this weekend for $5!

Click the image to grab a set!