Saturday, May 26, 2018

Give Yourself an End-of-the-Year Gift!

Or win one! (Scroll way down to find out how.)

This is my very favorite teaching tool! 
It's my Show And Tell Apron
In fact, I own 3 of these.
Click the apron!
Have you ever seen these amazing Show And Tell Aprons?
Click the image above.
They come in all sorts of styles 
and can be used to teach all sorts of skills!
They are perfect for teaching high frequency words.
Click the aprons.
Here is my very first Show And Tell Apron 
draped over my chair 
at the front of my TK/K classroom in SoCal. 
Click the image.
The apron's creator, Sandy, gave me this apron at the SDE Conference called "I Teach K!" several years ago. Sandy is the most talented, sweet, and generous teacher you will EVER meet! I love her so much and I wish I was little again so I could be in HER kindergarten class. 
I will always treasure my first Show And Tell apron!
My students could not wait to see which apron I would be wearing each day!
Click on the aprons!
There is the regular style like the black one below, a tu-tu style, 
a BBQ style, 

and even a child-sized style!
Click on the aprons. 

How I Used My Apron:

I used it to teach phonemic awareness:
Click the image above.

I used it to teach "counting up" 
(also called "counting on") 
in math:
Click the image above.
I used it to teach CVC words 
and how to add a "magic e" 
to create a silent e word.
Click on the apron. 
And I used it to teach sight words and 
high frequency words:
Click the image above. 
Here is my special funny tip:
If you are wearing your apron and you 
have the word "hello" in the pockets,
don't allow anything to cover the "o" as you 
carry things in your right hand or you will 
be walking around your school wearing 
an apron that spells out "hell"!  :o/

Anyway, I also used it 
to teach the sequence 
of a familiar story.

Click the image above. 
Here is Sandy, 
the owner, designer, and inventor of 
re-telling the story of The Three Bears:
(I invited Sandy to share her rap 
to Pre-K and K teachers at 
in Las Vegas. 
Click this image to see the YouTube video of this amazing rap!
You can view Sandy's "Three Bear Rap" by

And, did I mention...

 ... that Sandy makes teaching cards that fit perfectly in her Show And Tell Aprons? Here are just a few of her sets:

These days:

I love to wear my pink tutu Show and Tell Apron when I'm presenting across the USA and even in Canada! As soon as I put it on, teachers gasp and immediately start taking photos of me. 
Here is an image of my favorite 
just waiting for me to put it on 
during one of my presentations for
Click the image above.
So, how do you WIN a Show And Tell Apron?
Come to one of my presentation!
My next one is coming up in just one week in the Bay Area near Oakland, CA on June 2. 
Click the image above for more info. 
 We will be giving away a FREE apron!
And Sandy will be there with all of her latest styles! 
Click the image above for more info. 
I hope we will see you at the 

So, true story... I was presenting in New England and I had a few minutes before my next presentation. I was wearing the special pink tutu apron Sandy made for me and I quickly ran into the elevator to catch the rest of the keynote that morning. Well, there was a big man in the elevator wearing a suit and looking very important and serious, but when he saw this pink blur run in his direction right into the elevator, he jumped backwards! I looked at him and said, "Don't judge, I'm presenting at a conference here." After a slight pause, he said, "Who are you presenting to?" 
I replied, "Kindergarten teachers," and as I walked out of the elevator I heard him say, "Oh, of course."  :) 
Click the image to see more styles.

Here Is a Little More Love To Share: 

You can learn so much from Sandy and her wonderful blog.
You can visit HER BLOG 
or on the image below:
Click the image above.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

What To Do On The Last (or the First) Day of School?

Create a Re-telling Book!

Click the image. 
This Re-telling book is perfect for the last day of school, but it is just as much fun for the first day too. You will just need to bring in socks for your students if you are using this on the 1st day of school. 
And if you are already thinking about the new school year, check out our 1-day conference in Northern CA on June 2:

Click the image.

Click the image.


If you copy the color version, it is perfect for the teacher to use to re-create the story of the The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle. It will also make a wonderful addition to your classroom library.

You can create a color-copy of the re-telling book:

Here is a sample of the black & white copy:

Click the image.

Here is how it works:
-Re-introduce the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle and discuss the various parts of the book as well as the life cycle of butterflies.
-Have students bring in a clean sock or pick some up at the Dollar Store. Students create a caterpillar sock puppet using markers (you can hot glue eyes on the puppets for them) and they re-tell the story using the color version of my interactive Hungry Caterpillar book. (Puppet directions are included in the set.) Make sure to cut out the holes on pages 3-9. Students can pass their caterpillar puppet through the holes on the pages as they re-tell the story.

-Use the link included in the directions, and have your students make caterpillar sock puppets. 

I had students bring in socks from The Dollar Store. Only half of the students needed to bring in socks for the entire class to have one. 
-Using the butterfly template in the set, have your students use crayons and watercolor paints to create a crayon resist design on the butterfly. Do this part in the morning to allow the butterflies to dry. Once they are dry, have your students cut along the square surrounding the butterfly. Have them fold their butterfly several times and place it inside their caterpillar sock puppet. 

-Copy the black & white version of the interactive re-telling book on white cardstock or white construction paper for each student and have them color the illustrations.

-Students should partner read (or buddy up with a partner class) to share their interactive re-telling books along, with their sock puppets, with a partner. They should allow their sock puppets to slide through the holes on pages 3-9 and they should remove the hidden butterfly from their sock puppet at the end of the story to reveal its beautiful colors. 

Science Link:  You can also have your students cut out the images of the butterfly's life cycle and glue them onto the correct spaces on the worksheet provided in the set. 

Your students will LOVE re-telling this familiar story, they will develop oral language skills, reinforce skills such as sequence of events, speaking in complete sentences, and re-telling familiar stories.And they will look forward to taking home their interactive re-telling book and sock puppets to share the story with their families. 

Don't you LOVE the graphics? They are all from DJ Inkers and Creative Clips. 
Click the image above to see more graphics from DJ Inkers.

Click the image to see more graphics from DJ Inkers.
You can fine their graphics at DJ Inkers

You can grab your copy of The Hungry Caterpillar Re-telling Book by CLICKING HERE

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The End of One Year...

... with these cute graduation certificates.  Click the image for the download.
You get a pre-school, pre-kindergarten, transitional kindergarten, and kindergarten certificate AND you also get a blank one so you can fill in anything you want!

Your kindergarten students will love singing this graduation song to the tune of "It's A Small World"
and the pages make a great big book! Click the image for the download.

Students can add small school photos of their friends to their bus.
Click the image for your FREE template.
Just paint the top of the egg cartons, download and print the FREE bus template, and pass out the tiny school photos you get each year. A fun project to decorate the room for your graduation.

Click the image for the download.
Even if school ends before Father's Day, you can have your students make these and send them home so they can honor their dads or any significant man in their life.
Students write the first name of their dad, grandpa, or any other significant person in their lives.
You make 10-20 copies to create a stack of notes. Wrap with cellophane & twine. Always a hit!

And The Beginning of Another:

Get your P, H, D from Palma, Heidi, & Drew & join us for a one-day workshop in Northern CA on June 2 and get inspired to start your new school year on the right foot. This hands-on workshop includes lunch & breakfast snacks. Check out our agenda for the fun-filled day, and did I mention prizes? We have hundreds of dollars in prizes to give away! 
Click the image for more info.

Click the image for more info.

The First Day of School:

This is my most popular product!Attach a cotton ball and it's ready for your parents on the 1st day of school.
Click the image for the download.
You will want to start your new school year with "All About Numbers 1-5":   CLICK HERE
Click the image above to see all of the templates, ideas, and activities for #s 1-5.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Give Yourself An Extra 400 hours! (Ends 5/15!)

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