Saturday, February 9, 2019

Get Your PHD from Palma & Heidi

Our PHD Stands for Palma & Heidi's Developmentally Appropriate Practices.

Our one-day professional development workshop is filled with engaging, hands-on songs, activities, and strategies that will make your ELA lessons come alive!

Save the date, 3/30. Registration opens next week.

Sponsored by the California Kindergarten Association, this one-day workshop allows you to earn up to three graduate-level semester units!

Save the date, 3/30. Registration will open next week at the California Kindergarten Association's Web Site.
Save the date, 3/30. Registration opens next week.

When:   Saturday, March 30, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Where:  Mark Day School, 30 Trellis Dr.,
               San Rafael, CA 94903
Who:        Pre-K, TK, & Kindergarten Educators
What:    A day filled with inspiration, fun, &    
               learning! Discover classroom-proven,   
               developmentally appropriate strategies,          
               and easy-to-implement ideas that will 
               motivate student engagement and make 
               learning FUN!

Includes: coffee, breakfast muffins, lunch & soft drink, snacks, handouts, templates, and PRIZES!
(All supplies and materials will be provided for the "Make & Take" activities.)

We will also have a children's art display and a few vendors for your enjoyment. 

Join us for a special day that will inspire you to sing, move, and engage your students with new strategies on Monday morning! 

Save the date: March 30
Registration will open next week at 

I will update this post with live links as soon as registration opens. 

Saturday, February 2, 2019

It's A Superbowl Sale!!! And An ESGI Super-Special 2/1-2/8!!!

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

It's a GR8 Day For Science! + Links, FREEBIES, & Discounts!

You asked for it...

Here are the highlights from my science presentation at the California Kindergarten Conference in Northern CA this month.

5 Senses Pre-science:

I introduced each of the 5 senses at the small-group table so each child got to manipulate the realia and learn how to take care of the materials before they became part of the science center. 
Their favorite activity was getting to trace their name with white glue and sprinkle it with powdered Jell-O. When it dried, it became a tactile scratch-&-sniff reminder of how to spell their name. (Great to use this with sight words too!)

Matter: The Power of Air

We got to make our snowmen float on air!
for the directions.
We had so much fun making our
snowmen float on air!

We also had fun with these paper helicopters. CLICK HERE 
for the template and directions.

We tested different variables: size, weight, even color!
Oh, and the bubble experiment was so much fun!


We explored the properties of water, weather experiments that demonstrate the water cycle, and we learned this song:
(To the tune of "Oh, My Darlin'")
Precipitation on my mind.
It is just the water cycle
and it happens all the time!

We talked about seasons, plants, and animal life cycles. 
Click the image for the writing templates.
Click the image for the flowerpot template and complete directions. 

And I shared some FREEBIES & Discount Codes:
FREE scientific method signs
for your classroom!Click the image to grab them!
A FREE month of HP Instant Ink,
A FREE trial of ESGI + $40 off of your 1st year,
A FREE Letter Journal that will
make your classroom come alive from
Alive Studios (with purchase).

If you want ALL of my science templates with
integrated writing templates too, just
email me for a $20 flash drive ($35 value):

So, catch me at a conference or book me for a professional development at your school. 

For more info about the CA Kindergarten Association and their amazing conference, 

Any questions? Just email me or leave me a comment below: