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Saturday, February 15, 2020

I've Gone Wild and You Can't Image Why!

What's the least known letter in your class?

Give students Fun Foam Letter Stickers for
just the letters they don't know
so they can complete their
WiLd ChIcKa-ChIcKa-BoOm-BoOm TrEeS!
How can you quickly find the letters
each one of your students don't know?
Find out below!
Find out why I've gone Wild for ESGI:

ESGI's automated tracking and reporting system uses real-time student data to:
  • Individualize lessons
  • Create small groups
  • Guide whole class instruction
  • Collect raw scores and track detailed student progress over time
  • Access easy-to-read charts, graphs and reports
  • Convert your raw scores into your report card grading scale
  • And find out which letters each child has not mastered yet by viewing the reports!
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So, You Know The Letters They Don't Know, Now What?

Try providing these resources:
Students who needed to identify the letters B and b, located all of the uppercase Bs and lowercase letter bs on this Alphabet Chant page. They traced them with a marker and then they counted how many there were! Thanks to ESGI, I was able to target the specific letters they needed to practice.
My chants can be found by clicking HERE.

After they traced their letters on the Bb page, if they needed to practice the sound of /b/, they illustrated and labeled 3 items that began with the sound of /b/ on their Phonics Dictionary Page.
Students illustrate and label to create an alphabet book.
Click the image to see the set.
They come in color and in B&W.

This set includes 3 labeled images for each letter.I added more images by using graphics from old workbooks or old reading kits. Click the image to see the set of
Dictionary Pages and graphics.
During Small group instruction time, I used individualized RTI targeting specific skills for small groups based on the data I got from ESGI.
I am meeting with TK and K students on the skills
this group is ready for. I got my data from ESGI.
I used ESGI to track my students' skill progress so I was able to create small groups and target the specific skills that group needed. And groups changed according to the needs of individual students. 
My K students' tests were organized by trimester
using bold primary colors. 
My TK students' tests were organized by trimester using pastel colors. 

And, the individualized data that ESGI created helped me to make quick RTI kits for each student that targeted the specific skills each child needed to practice. (I just used the flashcards generated by ESGI to make little RTI kits.) 
Just place each child's flash cards in a plastic bag.
Volunteers, cross age tutors, & paraprofessionals
can all practice skills with each student by using
their individualized RTI kit.
I wrote TK tests for ESGI and you can find them by clicking HERE.

And did I mention that ESGI is so much fun that my students actually begged me to test them! 

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For more info about ESGI

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

THIS is Genius! I LOVE it so much!

Do Your Students Get Distracted...

... by the Yes/No icons on the bottom of the EGI test screen? Well, here is the perfect solution:
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ESGI has created an easy-to-use "STUDENT SCREEN!" (Did I just shout that?) I am super excited about this because it allows your student to see only the test questions on a 2nd device! 
Sometimes, I can hardly contain myself!
(If you are wondering about my teaching apron, it's from
 Show and Tell Aprons. Click the apron for the link.)
Your students will feel so special getting to look at their very own device and they won't get anxious watching you click "yes" or "no" or if you take notes. But they DO get to see their progress as their pie chart fills up and turns green at the end of each test. 

Give it a try now and see how easy it is:
If you don't already have ESGI, sign up for a 
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1. Log in to your ESGI account on the device you want to use as the teacher. 

2. On a 2nd device, go to
The screen will say, "Connected, waiting for a test to start..."

3. On the teacher's device, click on "profile" at the top of the screen. 

4. Then, navigate toward the bottom of the screen to click on the purple "Get Student Screen Code" box.

5. Enter your 4-digit code into your 2nd device.

6. Then, just choose a student and a test and start testing away!
Click the image for a step-by-step video.
When testing measurement, the teachers sees the entire question ("Which one is shorter?), the graphics, and the yes/no buttons, but the students sees only the graphics of the two carrots. 
No distractions! :)
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Saturday, November 30, 2019

How Would You Like Too... your students, yourself, & a needy child?

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Berteau & Co Word Wall? Well, you do!
You even get to choose the style!
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Here is the other style:
I love the colors in this word wall!

Here is one more view of this awesome FREE word wall.

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Sign up and let me know how you LOVE IT!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Addition At The Monster Mall!

This is the perfect time for your students to shop at the 
Monster Mall!  
We met Common Core State Standards in the most un-common way!
Here are some of our monsters and one of our menus.

I started by cutting squares of green construction paper to 7" X 7".

I created some monster pieces (like eyes, noses, scars, hair, necks with bolts, and mouths) and made a menu:
I gathered or made hair, eyes,
noses, mouths, necks, and scars.
I got my craft supplies from Oriental Trading Company. They have wiggle eyes, pom-poms for the noses, yarn for the mouths, and foam sheets for the head, neck, and hair.
Each item on this menu cost one cube.

Then, I called up 4 students at a time and I gave them each 5 cubes, counters, or plastic coins to use as money.
Each of the 4 children I met with used a different
colored set of five cubes so I could keep track of
how many cubes each child gave me.
Each item cost 1 counter, so they did not have enough cubes to buy every item, but they did have enough to buy 5 items.

You can also use any counting blocks or play coins.
You can use stacking counters for money.
Plastic coins are always fun for children to use as they shop for pieces for their monsters.
(Available online at Discount School Supply.)

This menu used 1 cent
 instead of 1 cube for each item.  

Some students bought hair, some did not.  The ones who bought hair got to decide if they wanted the hair to point down like bangs or up like spiked hair.

Some bought a scar to use on the side of their monster's face.  Some used the scar as a mouth.

If they bought a yarn mouth, they got to decide if they wanted the mouth to smile or frown.

Each monster looked different from the others, but they all cost 5 cubes.

We put them up in the school showcase.
Our monsters look great in the showcase
along with our stories.

We displayed our menu in the showcase too.
I love how each monster looks different.  
You can add more parts or increase the prices of the items to make it work for your own class. 

I have shopping receipt templates for 3 other stores:  
Meow Mall:  Students shop for parts to decorate their black cats.
Snowman Shop:  Students shop for parts to decorate their snowmen.
Leprechaun Store:  Students shop for parts to decorate their leprechauns.
You can find these receipts and directions here.

And, I created all of the parts you will need for a Meow Mall, Snowman Shop, & Leprechaun Store.
You can find that set by clicking HERE.

Click the image above.

Click the image.

The Common Core State Standards call for real world math.  Shopping is as real as it gets, even at the Monster Mall!  Here are the CCSS covered in this lesson:

  • CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.B.4 Understand the relationship between numbers and quantities; connect counting to cardinality.
    • CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.B.4a When counting objects, say the number names in the standard order, pairing each object with one and only one number name and each number name with one and only one object.
    • CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.B.4b Understand that the last number name said tells the number of objects counted. The number of objects is the same regardless of their arrangement or the order in which they were counted.
    • CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.B.4c Understand that each successive number name refers to a quantity that is one larger.
Leave a comment & share a FUN Halloween activity that you do! 

Visit our Teachers Pay Teachers Store HERE.
Visit our Facebook Page Right HERE.
Visit our Pinterest Boards over Here.
And visit us again right here at our blog where we "keep the FUN in the FUNdamentals!"

Friday, July 26, 2019

The First Day of Kindergarten

Schedules, Activities, & Some Great Literature!

Day 1's Schedule-
A simple, generic plan
Boomer Goes to School, by Constance McGeorge 
Click the graphic to get the book. 
Rules/Logistics/Tour the School:
I keep my rules short & sweet:

1. We use quiet voices.
2. We listen with our whole bodies.
3. We walk across the classroom.
4. We are kind.
5. We follow directions.

I even made a little poem about it.
It goes like this:
(And there are hand motions to go with it.)

We raise our hands before we talk,
(Raise right hand up.)
We listen, 
(Right hand cupped to right ear.)
we always walk,
(Fingers of right rand walk along the top of your left forearm.)
We're kind,
(Touch both pointer fingers to the sides of your mouth as you smile.)
We follow directions. 
(Clap, clasp your hands, and place them in your lap.)

Teaching logistics is easy if you explain what you want the children to do and then have 1 or 2 students model it. 

-how to walk to the tables
-how to create the table activity
-how to use the manipulative activities at each table. 
Have 1 or 2 students model moving to the tables and YOU model how to create the table activity and use the manipulative activities. 

By the way, I place the manipulative tubs on the tables and students may play with them when they finish their work. Each day of the first week I rotate the manipulative activity tubs to the next table. That way the children get to explore different manipulatives each day. 

Here are 3 of my 5 tables.
I move the manipulative tubs from one table 

to the next at the end of each day. 
Then, we tour the classroom and discover our 
Class Mascot, Boomer.

Here is Boomer! We found him by my Show & Tell Apron!
If you want a teaching apron like this one, visit
Simple, Independent Activity: 1st Day Hats! 
Something simple like this hat is perfect for the first day of school because they can wear it home. 
After they cut it out and glued on the red band and white star, I called them up to take their First Day Photo. I used this laminated hat for all of the photos. 
The words on the red band:
I had a superstar day in kindergarten!
Go outside and tour the playground 10 minutes before recess begins and find your mascot on the slide or on a swing. 

Have you seen this book yet?
Harriet Can Carry It,
by Kirk J. Mueller
Click the image. 

 An adorable story about Harriet, a kangaroo who wants to spend a day at the beach with her little son, Joey. Harriet is asked by her friends to carry everything from a surfboard to a pair of swim fins. 
If you bring in a beach bag  this story can become an interactive activity as your students place graphics of the items Harriet is asked to carry into the beach bag. There is also a cute activity you can create with this kangaroo:  
Click the image to grab your FREE kangaroo & beach gear. 

Simple, Independent Math Activity: Sorting!
I staple the bottom 5 inches of a lunch bag to Harriet. We sort the graphics and place the images that were in the story into her pouch and we place the images that were not in the story outside of the pouch.  All of the pieces fit nicely in the pouch so students can take Harriet home and retell the story to their family: 
CLICK HERE for the FREE graphics. 
Click the link to get the free graphics framed in boxes.
Click the graphic above to get this FREE set.

Think of Harriet as 
a summertime version of The Mitten. 

Lunch & Fire Drill:

We walk to the lunchroom and discover our mascot there. 

After lunch, we discuss and practice a fire drill.
Then, we do a group activity like a movement song or a game like one of Heidi's Songs.
Click the image to see all of Heidi's products. 
I LOVE HeidiSongs! She has amazing DVDs about letters, sounds, numbers, sight word, and so much more. You can see all of her products by 

2nd Table Activity:
Chick-Chicka-Boom-Boom, Welcome To Our Classroom! We read the book and then, this activity stays at school to create a cute bulletin board. 

Give students the random letters or the letters in their name. 

Isn't this a cute bulletin board?

Here is a 2D version of this activity.
It makes a great page your your memory book too!

 Literature or Complete 1 Page of Our 
Letter Name Book:

We Look for "A" or "a" in our names:

We look at each nameplate and the students tell me if they see an "A" or an "a" in any of the names. I list all of the names that have an "A" or an "a", we count how many we have, and fill in the first page of our class Letter-Name Book. We look for 1 letter each day for 26 school days. Then, this book becomes part of our class library.
Click the image to grab this Letter-Name Book. 

CLICK HERE to grab my Letter-Name Book. 
It is also part of my 
CLICK HERE to grab that bundle. 

Daily Closure Activity: (Do this every day, all year.)
Have the class help you to complete the first page of your daily diary: This re-caps the day and helps your students remember what they did in school that day so when their parents ask them, it is fresh in their minds. 
Click the image. 
to grab your Daily Dairies for the entire year!
This set is also part of my 
Beginning of the Year Bundle.
It contained 1st day certificates, 
a Class Mascot Book, 
Daily Diaries for the year, 
and the Letter Name Book!
CLICK HERE to grab that bundle. 

Have you signed up for your 
FREE trial of ESGI yet? 
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You can view Part 1 of my "Back to School" series 

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