Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Kindergarten Valentine Mailboxes + FUN FREEBIES!

 It's Almost Valentine's Day! (Can't wait to see the FREEBIES? Scroll on down to the bottom!)

Here is a last minute Valentine's Day Mailbox:

If you don't have time to gather enough cereal boxes for your entire class AND wrap them up with red paper, try making these quick valentine mailboxes out of construction paper and yarn:
They hold lots of Valentine's Day cards too!
We started out collecting cereal boxes, but we didn't get enough, so we made some mailboxes out of construction paper and I think these will hold even more Valentine's Day cards than the boxes!
Tan circles for the face and die-cut hands.

A red strip of construction paper for the arms.

And for a Healthier Treat for your Valentine's Day Party:

A HEALTHIER Valentine Treat.

Try serving strawberries cut in half.
They look like red hearts!
And the kids can cut their own with a plastic knife.  

Integrate Math:
Count the halves, how many wholes?

Integrate Science:
Strawberries are the only fruit with their seeds on the outside.
Five Senses:  See the red, smell the scent, taste the fruit, 
feel the texture, hear the sound when you take a bite.

Integrate English Language Arts:
Read the story:  

The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear
and discuss the characters, setting, problem, solution, and the descriptive language.  

There is still time for my favorite tip:

Send home a letter on Monday with the names of the kids in your class divided into 3 groups.
Ask students to bring valentine's for: 
only group 1 on Tuesday, Feb. 11
only group 2 on Wednesday, Feb. 12,
only group 3 on Thursday, Feb. 13.  

Now you won't have to deal with hundreds of Valentine's Day cards 
all on one day!
After all, we are not the U.S. Post Office, right?

You Might Like:

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Here is a sneak peek the pages of this subtraction book.
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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Let's Teach WithOUT Worksheets! Plus FREEBIES!

Save Paper, Time, and Make Learning FUN:

Here are a few ways to provide engaging activities without taking the time to make copies. And just think of all of the trees you'll save!

1.  Using workbook pages in a NON-consumable way: This is so much more fun than circling pictures with a pencil, right? :)

2.  Use fun manipulatives to create new onset rimes:
I got this idea from HeidiSongs. She has tons of GR8 ideas on her blog: and GR8 ways to teach, using music, on her website:
Click the image to grab the FREEBIE.

3.  Copy it once on cardstock, laminate it, and use it for years and years:
Click to grab this set:
4.  Use sight word cards and picture cards to create sentences:
Use sight word cards + picture cards to create a complete sentence:
"I like to see my horse."

5.  Create a re-usable dry-erase surface where students can practice letter and number formation, their sight words, or writing of any kind. YOU can also write a word there for the student to copy. :)
I found these self-sticking lined, dry-erase sheets on Amazon.
I attached them to laminated construction paper for my small group table. 
6.  Use a dotted font and print letters, numbers, or sight words on cardstock. Students write their name on the card, place it on the carpet (or a carpet square if you don't have carpeting in your classroom), and they use a push-pin to poke through the holes. They get to take the card home and tape it to a window where the light will shine through to reveal their work. You can also tape these up on your classroom window and turn the classroom lights off to see the outside light shining through. Great to use for their names too! 
Click to grab alphabet dotted pin cards.

7.  And here is another FREEBIE for you:  An entire set of numeral cards with the straight 4 (not like this "4" one) and the straight 9 (not like this "9" curvy one). And the numbers are underlined so students know which way they go! I put up a clothesline in front of a cupboard and students got to add the number cards to the clothesline to create a number line! Tons of fun and the cards are FREE! You can grab a clothesline at the Dollar Store. ;)
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8.  I even tested without worksheets! I used ESGI. It will save you oodles of time and your students will literally BEG you to test them! Try it FREE for 60 days (NO credit card required) & enter my code KFUN to automatically qualify for $40 off your 1st year! 
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I hope you got an idea or two here today. Leave your GR8 ideas about how to use less paper and make learning engaging and FUN in the comments. :)

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Day 100 FUN in Kindergarten! + a FREEBIE for the 100th Day!

We Were All 100 Years Old!

My 100 year old grandma, Mrs. Ima Geezer, was my substitute on the 100th day of school.
We were all soooooo old on Day 100!
I have been dressing up like Mrs. Geezer for a few years now, but this year I asked my kids to dress up too.  It was so much fun!

My curriculum specialist and me.

We made "Zero, the Hero" capes and "100 Days Smarter" crowns.

Our 100 Day Activity Pack:

Our 10 Ways To 100 set is available by clicking {HERE}.
There is a FREEBIE in the preview.
It's a healthy snack for Day 100!
Click the image to get the download and
FREE Preview.

This activity pack includes 10 activities to do on the 100th day of school.  
Grades 1-6 can do the activities independently.
Grades T.K. and kindergarten should buddy up with an upper-grade class to do all 10 activities.
If you don't have a buddy class, just pick 1 or 2 activities to do in small groups.  
Have FUN!  

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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