Monday, June 20, 2016

A Sale That's Perfect for Homeschoolers!

I'm meeting more and more Homeschoolers as I present at conferences across the country. This sale if for you!

This week, one of my favorite resources for Homeschooling is having a Homeschool Sale! Get Free Shipping on all things homeschooling, road schooling, and un-schooling at Educents this week with code HOMESCHOOL16. Since it's just one use per customer, I suggest taking stock of what you have and your plans for the year so you can get Free Shipping on everything you need. Here are my top picks ranging from Science & Math to Music & Language. What do you need to stock up on?

Exclusive STEM Bundle (7 Kits)

Summer is a great time to start conducting science experiments - there is a little more space outside for a mess! This exclusive bundle at has seven kits for utterly fascinated learning. Whether you have a traditional homeschool, or you're un-schooling, this is a perfect set for science. And so fun! STEM bundle Price: $59.99 down from $109.99 plus Free Shipping get-it-now-200x60

Life of Fred Math Series

Whether you're new to Fred or you've been using his story to teach math intuitively to your littles for a few years, there's probably a new topic to cover (the series goes up until college!). This sale is a great opportunity to stock up on the next steps, whether it's multiplication, algebra or beyond. LofF 2

eMedia My Ukulele for Beginners

There are tons of instruments that kids can learn to play even at Educents, but the ukulele has such a wonderful, kid-friendly sound. This is a great instrument and a strong program for beginners learning their first notes. emedia_music_corporation_myukulelebeginnerspackall_300dpirgb_18c4   Price: $49.95 down from $69.95 plus Free Shipping get-it-now-200x60

Complete Language Learning Set by PetraLingua

Studies show that kids pick up languages far quicker than adults, so it's great to get a head start when they're little. Learning a foreign language also helps kids learn about the world, and better understand important values at home within a larger context. We've chosen to learn a language from our family heritage. What would you learn?   petralingua Price: $110.37 down from $137.98 plus Free Shipping get-it-now-200x60

Leap Pad 3

This kid-friendly tablet is the on-the-go homeschooling mom's best friend. Kids become fluent in technology and the subject matter with a portable, easy-to-use tool. That's a win for everyone. leappad3 Price: $99 plus Free Shipping get-it-now-200x60  

Famous People Freebie for Reading

Free shipping is great - and so are freebies! I like this one gearing up for Independence Day because it has famous people from US history, from George Washington to Sally Ride. Great for kiddos working on reading comprehension, and a nice supplement to social studies. famousfreebie get-it-now-200x60 Happy Homeschooling!

Great Recommendations for HOMESCHOOLERS: All Grades/All Subjects!

Since I'm a vegetarian, I often don't have too many options to choose from while dining out. But when I visit a vegetarian restaurant, I'm overwhelmed by having more than two or three options and then I just don't know what to order! 
this was the ONLY food at the County Fair that was vegetarian! 

Does that ever happen to you when trying to choose curriculum to use with your homeschooled children?

Cathy Duffy is the know-all when it comes to homeschool curriculum. She has reviewed hundreds of homeschool curricula to help educators like me make an educated decision when shopping for homeschool curriculum. So as soon as I see a product has been approved by Cathy Duffy, I am more likely to trust it. Here’s a handful of Cathy-approved educational picks available at I hope these double-recommended educational resources will relieve you from endless hours of shopping around for the best (and most cost-effective) homeschool resources.

Elementary Math & Science

Life of Fred Elementary Math

math books If you haven't heard of Life of Fred, you're in for a real treat. Dr. Stanley F Schmitt is a math teacher who developed story-based math learning series that has taken homeschooling by storm! Forget rote learning that doesn't resonate: learners follow the Fred and his pals through life and learn math concepts along the way. Kids sometimes don't even know they're learning math until they're told! Each book has a topic, like Apples, Butterflies, and Cats. I recommend supplementing math learning with science of social studies of the same topic! get-it-now-200x60  

Giant Butterly Gardengiant-butterfly-garden-lr2295-1460412033.0649.1481

This ties in with the second Life of Fred book so well! With the set little ones can learn about (and experience!) the miracles of metamorphosis. Available at Educents for $35.99.

Elementary Reading & Writing


grammaropolis I can't say enough for story-based learning. It's one of the oldest ways we've learned from each other - starting with fables that teach us to be good to one another. Grammaropolis is a great tool for K-3rd grade learners on their quest for perfect English grammar, which isn't always straight forward! This set comes with animated shorts, music videos, books and quizzes, so you've got a lot of learning styles covered. Price: $40, down from $50 get-it-now-200x60  

Middle School Math

Life of Fred Intro to Algebra

lof_algebra I really can't say enough about the Life of Fred series! Kids learning algebra and beyond will enjoy the stories and learn the concepts through holistic learning. If your learner is new to Fred but at a more advanced level, it has been recommended that they start from the beginning. That said, re-learning a few known concepts in the Life of Fred framework will help them get up to speed with story and succeed with the series. Price: $34.08 down from $38 at Educents. get-it-now-200x60

Life of Fred Financial Choices

financialchoices As your kiddos get older you may also like to instill strong financial decision making. The Life of Fred Financial Choices book is a great intro. And if we're being honest, there's never a bad time time for parents to brush up on this! Price: $15.99 down from $19.99


Middle School Social Studies

myWorld Social Studies


Comprehensive comprehension: this world history and social studies packet is an excellent kick off to middle school studies. Created for 6th graders, this set lays the groundwork for students to become active citizens by learning about US history and politics, and encouraging learners to understand real ways they can participate, and how it matters. The package also includes a teacher's guide for every chapter, lesson plans, audio podcasts on each subject, and editable tests with answer keys: it really sets everyone up for success! Price: $72.47 get-it-now-200x60

Science for the Family

Magic School Bus Nature Bundle

MSBNatureBundle Summer is a great time to get the whole family involved with experiments to foster learning and family bonding! This set comes with four science kits at $16 (a $35 savings) with topics covered:
  • Weather - learn about rainbows, tornadoes, the greenhouse effect and more.
  • Going Green - learn about recycling, compost, and making new paper out of old!
  • Solar Energy - watch solar energy inflate balloons and spin a top
  • Wonders of Nature - build and ant hill, dissolve an egg shell, do an animal tracks exercise
Price: $63 down from $100 get-it-now-200x60

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

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