Monday, August 21, 2017

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This bundle includes:
~Colorful certificates for the first day of kindergarten.
~A comforting note for parents to take as they leave their child at school on the first day.
~Our Letter-Name Book for recording the letters of each child's name.
~Our Daily Diary Book for recording the events of each day.
~Boomer's Take-Home Book.

Here is a more detailed description:  
Beginning of the Year Bundle:
This bundle includes our First Day of Kindergarten Certificate. Print these colorful certificates, fill in each child’s name, sign, and date them and you’re ready to hand these out at the end of your first day. These will be a lasting keepsake for parents.  

You also get the cute 1st Day Parent Note that I send home with parents as they drop their child off at school.  

During the first 26 school days, we look for one letter each day in every child’s first name. We record these names in our 26 page Letter-Name Book. When the book is complete, we keep it in our classroom library so children and read and re-read it.  

At the end of each day, we complete one page in our Daily Dairy Book. The students dictate and the teacher records what we did each day. There is a color page for the cover of each month’s book and one black line master for each month. You will need to run off enough copies of each monthly page to match the number of school days in that month. Once each book is complete, you can send it home with one child at a time so they can share it with their family.  

Boomer is our class mascot. Each Friday, one child gets to take Boomer home for the weekend and write about their experience in our Boomer Book. All you need is a stuffed dog. Goes great with the story, Boomer Goes To School, by Constance W. McGeorge. 

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Are YOU Teaching TK This Year?

Classroom Set Up Post 2 of 3:

Here is a little poem I wrote to give you a smile before your 1st day teaching T.K.

'Twas the night before TK...
When all through the school,
The work's on the table,
These hats look so cool...
Work is on the tables... 1st day star hats.
 The centers are ready...
Keyboard with headset & listening center.
Bunny's in his seat...
Library chairs
 The Discovery Center looks kinda neat,
Discovery Center
 The light on the desk of this cute TK room,
Will light up the faces around the classroom,
My desk

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear?
But Clifford the dog...
Clifford will stay in our pet shop until we need it for our chickens.
 And a cute, cuddly bear!
A soft bear and tissues just in case we have criers.

Home center labeled.
With a little, old playhouse so charming and sweet,
I knew in a moment we could cook up a treat...

With the dress-up outfits,
the children all played...
Bookcase on its side makes a closet.
 And later they stopped,
To make lemonade...
The message was written,
Our lemonade stand
On the board with care...
Lined dry erase contact paper on an easel and
a magnetic cork board.
 And the rules at the front,
Told us all to beware....
Front table
 The new ten frame numbers look like Common Core,
And the new Splash letters left us begging for more....
The money pig helps us to count each school day,
And the abacus shows counting in a different way...

And my ESGI testing is all ready to go,
It tells me which skills each child knows & doesn't know!
Another dish rack for testing files.
Then the last thing I did was to make this cute sign,
I'm exhausted, wiped out, now please bring me some wine!
Look through the frame and say, "Cheese!"
And here is a discount code for you:  
Use the code KFUN for $40 off of your 1st year when you sign up for your FREE 60 day trial of ESGI, the only assessment software that will make your students BEG to be tested! 
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Monday, August 7, 2017

Kindergarten Classroom Set Up Part 1 of 3

My friend, who is also teaching TK this year, picked up a package of lined dry erase contact paper posters for me.
Thank you, Lauren!!!  :)
(If you click the image above, it will take you to a set of 30 sheets of 8 1/2" X 11" lined sheets.)

The ones I originally bought were about 18" X 22" and they came in a package of 3 for about $15.

I cut them into quarters and placed them on construction paper that had already been laminated.
(Eventually, and not pictured here, I added a set of letters to the construction paper before I laminated it.)
It looks like there is a bubble of air under the dry erase
paper, but it's only the glare.
I left room at the top to attach a row of sticky tape with the alphabet and one with numbers.
I'll post more pix once I get the letters and numbers attached.

Now, each child has their own lined dry erase placemat to use during small group time.
The red mat has a red cup of dry erase markers and
an eraser.  The orange mat has an orange cup, etc.

The little dry erase markers and erasers from Target's Dollar Spot finish this off!
And we have to have our Easy Buttons.
One in English and one in Spanish!
While you are at Staples picking up your Easy Buttons, you can pick up some 8" X 10" lined dry erase contact paper.  Click RIGHT HERE for the link.  If you want the 8.5" X 11" size,  Click HERE for the link from another source.  

And if you live in Southern California, Education Station (in the San Fernando Valley) is where my friend got the 3-pack of poster size lined dry erase contact paper.

I have a yellow mat for me so I can use it as a sample mat.
What is great about these is that you can flip them over if you are doing a cut and paste lesson and the laminated mats keep the glue from getting on the tables.  The mats wash up easily.

I'm planning to post each day as I set up my room, so stop by tomorrow.

What are you doing differently in your room this year?

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See you all tomorrow!
Palma :)

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sight Word FUN! & It's on SALE Today!



They are the newest rage in my class.  My kids can't wait to learn a new sight word so they can make a locket or a pocket watch!  And they include all 18 of the Houghton Mifflin Kindergarten sight words AND they come with blank Pocket-Lockets so you can add as many new words as you like! 

Want to know the best part?

The best part is that both boys and girls like to make and wear BOTH lockets AND pocket watches. 

Your students will LOVE making these sight word locket necklaces and pocket watches too!
Both are made the same way, just one is worn as a necklace and the other gets slipped into a pocket like a pocket watch!

How To Make Them:

All you have to do is run these Sight Word Pocket-Lockets on colored construction paper and give each child a piece of yarn that is about 26" long.  Give them marking pens for tracing the letters, words, and numbers; scissors, and glue and you are good to go!

Students trace the sight words and, as an added bonus, they also trace the numbers on the watch.  
If you make one of these watches each week, that will give your students an extra experience tracing the numbers 1-12 AND they will conceptualize where the numbers go on an analog clock or watch.  

Students need to cut out* the rectangles containing the letters of the sight word and they need to glue them to one of the blank sides of the Pocket-locket.  When glueing on the letters they need to glue them in the correct order and they must make sure they are oriented in the correct direction and are not upside down.  They may use the sample of the sight word already printed on the Pocket-Locket as a guide.  Note:  When gluing on the sight words with 4 letters, they will need to overlap the rectangles so all 4 letters fit.

Then, they tie the ends of the yarn together and position the center of the yarn inside the fold of the Pocket-Locket.  It is best to use white glue when attaching the yarn.  They let it dry before wearing their Pocket-Locket.  


My students actually beg to make these Pocket-Lockets.  

This Is What is Included In This Pack:

Included are the following words:  I, see, my like, a, to, and, is, go, for, here, the, have, she, said, are, play, he.  And then you get 2 blank Pocket-Lockets and blank letter rectangles so you can add your own special words.  

A Fun Twist:

Have your students glue on the individual letters to the front of the Pocket-Locket in a random order so their friends may guess the word that is inside!

How To Get This Pack and The FREEBIE:

What fun! 

It includes the sight words see and my.

*  See a special post all about using higher level thinking skills while cutting out these Pocket-Lockets and take the "One Scrap Challenge" by clicking right HERE.  You will use this special tip EVERY DAY in your classroom forever!  Really!  :)

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