Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Why Wouldn't You?

That's What I Asked:

I'm just wondering why you wouldn't try this!

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Why wouldn't you try this when you get:   
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1. a FREE entry to win a $500 Amazon gift card or one of ten $50 Amazon gift cards,
2. a 60 day trial and you don't even have to provide a credit card number,
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4. access to tons of amazing tests created by ESGI or teacher authors (like me!)
5. a testing platform that will excite your students so much they will beg you to test them!

So, WHAT ON EARTH WOULD STOP YOU from giving ESGI a try? 

You say you have to use your District's tests? No Problem! Just create a custom test on ESGI that matches your District's tests. 

It's super easy. I'll show you how!

Let's say you want to create a custom test that will tell you which students can identify the "Story Elements" such as the setting, characters, the problem or wish, and the solution. 

#1: Log in to ESGI with your FREE trial and set up your class (by entering the names of your students, their gender, and home language). 
Click the image to get started.

#2: Check to see if a test like this already exists on ESGI's website by searching in the "Test Explorer" tab. 

#2: If you like an existing test, or even if you want to change part of it, click on "copy" and then name your new test.
This box will pop up so you can type in the name of your new test.
#3: Change any test questions you like. 

#4: You may also add cute graphics from the image library which includes lots of adorable graphics from D.J. Inkers!
Aren't these graphics adorable?
#5: Save your test and you are ready to test your students!

ESGI also has tons of tests made by your favorite "Friend of ESGI":
I spy my KFUNdamental TK Tests!
So, that's it! You can even use your existing tests!
Just create the same test on ESGI and get all of the data, records, charts, and information you need to meet the needs of EVERY student!

for your FREE 60 day trial, entry to win a gift card, $40 off your 1st year, and access to tons of amazing tests!

Monday, February 17, 2020

Celebrate My 8th Blogiversary & 02/20/2020 ALL Week! YOU Get The Gifts!

Here is What You Get:

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Saturday, February 15, 2020

I've Gone Wild and You Can't Image Why!

What's the least known letter in your class?

Give students Fun Foam Letter Stickers for
just the letters they don't know
so they can complete their
WiLd ChIcKa-ChIcKa-BoOm-BoOm TrEeS!
How can you quickly find the letters
each one of your students don't know?
Find out below!
Find out why I've gone Wild for ESGI:

ESGI's automated tracking and reporting system uses real-time student data to:
  • Individualize lessons
  • Create small groups
  • Guide whole class instruction
  • Collect raw scores and track detailed student progress over time
  • Access easy-to-read charts, graphs and reports
  • Convert your raw scores into your report card grading scale
  • And find out which letters each child has not mastered yet by viewing the reports!
Sign up for a free trial through June 30th using Promo Code PALMAWILD at .

Enjoy using ESGI!

Teachers that sign-up for a new ESGI trial account between February 23rd and April 19th:
  1. Will be entered to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card and 10 Runner Up $50 Amazon Gift Cards.
  2. Will receive a $40 discount off their first year purchase.
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So, You Know The Letters They Don't Know, Now What?

Try providing these resources:
Students who needed to identify the letters B and b, located all of the uppercase Bs and lowercase letter bs on this Alphabet Chant page. They traced them with a marker and then they counted how many there were! Thanks to ESGI, I was able to target the specific letters they needed to practice.
My chants can be found by clicking HERE.

After they traced their letters on the Bb page, if they needed to practice the sound of /b/, they illustrated and labeled 3 items that began with the sound of /b/ on their Phonics Dictionary Page.
Students illustrate and label to create an alphabet book.
Click the image to see the set.
They come in color and in B&W.

This set includes 3 labeled images for each letter.I added more images by using graphics from old workbooks or old reading kits. Click the image to see the set of
Dictionary Pages and graphics.
During Small group instruction time, I used individualized RTI targeting specific skills for small groups based on the data I got from ESGI.
I am meeting with TK and K students on the skills
this group is ready for. I got my data from ESGI.
I used ESGI to track my students' skill progress so I was able to create small groups and target the specific skills that group needed. And groups changed according to the needs of individual students. 
My K students' tests were organized by trimester
using bold primary colors. 
My TK students' tests were organized by trimester using pastel colors. 

And, the individualized data that ESGI created helped me to make quick RTI kits for each student that targeted the specific skills each child needed to practice. (I just used the flashcards generated by ESGI to make little RTI kits.) 
Just place each child's flash cards in a plastic bag.
Volunteers, cross age tutors, & paraprofessionals
can all practice skills with each student by using
their individualized RTI kit.
I wrote TK tests for ESGI and you can find them by clicking HERE.

And did I mention that ESGI is so much fun that my students actually begged me to test them! 

Take advantage of this WILD opportunity to try ESGI through June 30 FREE: (No credit card needed!)

For more info about ESGI