Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why didn't I think of this sooner? Brilliant!!! Setting up my classroom Part 1

My friend, who is also teaching TK this year, picked up a package of lined dry erase contact paper posters for me.
Thank you, Lauren!!!  :)
(If you click the image above, it will take you to a set of 30 sheets of 8 1/2" X 11" lined sheets.)
The ones I originally bought were about 18" X 22" and they came in a package of 3 for about $15.

I cut them into quarters and placed them on construction paper that had already been laminated.
(Eventually, and not pictured here, I added a set of letters to the construction paper before I laminated it.)
It looks like there is a bubble of air under the dry erase
paper, but it's only the glare.
I left room at the top to attach a row of sticky tape with the alphabet and one with numbers.
I'll post more pix once I get the letters and numbers attached.

Now, each child has their own lined dry erase placemat to use during small group time.
The red mat has a red cup of dry erase markers and
an eraser.  The orange mat has an orange cup, etc.

The little dry erase markers and erasers from Target's Dollar Spot finish this off!
And we have to have our Easy Buttons.
One in English and one in Spanish!
While you are at Staples picking up your Easy Buttons, you can pick up some 8" X 10" lined dry erase contact paper.  Click RIGHT HERE for the link.  If you want the 8.5" X 11" size,  Click HERE for the link from another source.  

Update: You can find lined adhesive dry erase sheets here: and

And if you live in Southern California, Education Station (in the San Fernando Valley) is where my friend got the 3-pack of poster size lined dry erase contact paper.

I have a yellow mat for me so I can use it as a sample mat.
What is great about these is that you can flip them over if you are doing a cut and paste lesson and the laminated mats keep the glue from getting on the tables.  The mats wash up easily.

I'm planning to post each day as I set up my room, so stop by tomorrow.

What are you doing differently in your room this year?

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See you all tomorrow!
Palma :)


  1. OOOO!!! I want at set!! Where can I get them? This is a GREAT idea!

    1. Hi Mary Kay, My friend, Lauren, picked them up at a store here in CA called Eduction Station, but I just found some Kleen Slate replacement sheets online at staples: Staples has Kleen Slate replacement sheets that would work:

      Here is another resource online:
      sm lined sheets

      Hope that helps. :)

  2. AWESOME IDEA, especially since we have been given a limited number of copies. This is the gift that keeps on giving!

  3. Mary, if you can't find this product you could laminate a sheet of chart paper and cut it apart. I have been doing that for several years and it has worked for me. I also keep one sheet left whole to write on and wipe off to help cut down on cost. Great idea on laminating construction paper for gluing to keep the table from getting sticky for the next group!

    1. Great idea, Lisa!
      I also use the "glue mats" at all of my tables. If the glue dries, you can run them under water and slide the glue off after a few minutes. I hate scraping glue (even after it's been soaking) off of the tables. I have 6th graders who come in after school and help tidy the tables & set them up for the next day. And that last tip is a HUGE time saver for me! :)

  4. Did you consider putting the alphabet and numbers on first and THEN laminating the construction paper? I think that some of the kids might start "decorating" those alphabets and numbers for me...
    Just a thought!

    1. No, Heidi, I did't! This was a impulse idea. At first, I was just going to stick the dry erase paper directly onto the table and frame each with clear, wide tape, but I thought that would ruin the table if I ever changed my mind. Then, I saw my laminated glue mats sitting on the tables and thought I would attach them to the glue mats. After setting up the tables I found my number tape in the closet.

  5. Thanks Palma for the idea. I am going back to Education Station next week to pick up a pack for my self. :)

    1. Lauren, Here is a link for some slightly smaller ones at Staples. They are Kleen Slate replacement sheets & they are 8"X11".
      They might have them in the store too.

      I LoVeD seeing your room! You are an amazing teacher! :)