Saturday, June 29, 2013

We're Going To Hatch Chicks!

I was visiting a friend up in Big Bear, CA and we decided to go to garage sales.  We found this rustic rabbit hutch.  We managed to fit it into our Prius and get it home.

Pretty rustic!
After power sanding it, and painting it barn red with white trim, it looked pretty good.
I removed the floor & started painting.

Done with the painting!
I wrapped the floor panels with cute contact paper.

I plan to attach chicken wire to the inside of both doors as the bars look a bit big and baby chicks might get their heads caught in them.

We won't be hatching chicks until the spring, so I plan to bring it to school at the beginning of the year and use it as a pet shop where students can pretend to buy stuffed animals.

I'll set up a store with a cash register, I'll place stuffed animals & puppets in the cage, and I'll put up a menu of prices:

Crickets 1 cent
Mice 2 cents
Roosters 3 cents
Cats 4 cents
Dogs 5 cents

We have a limited number of puppets left; 2-5 of each animal puppet left.  Click on the puppets to take you to the link on TPT.  I'll use receipt that are a lot like THESE.

Come back in a couple of days to see the stores I set up each month in my Kindergarten, soon to be my TK, class!  :)


  1. Fun project! And I love the way you painted it to look like a barn!!! :)

  2. I don't have room to store it in my garage until chick-hatching time, so that's why it will be a pet store (selling stuffed animals & animal puppets), and later it will be an animal shelter. That's when I will raise awareness for the animals at our local shelter and kids can donate items that we can bring to the shelter as a community project. So I'll get a lot out of this little project. :)

    One of your readers recommended that I use hardware cloth instead of chicken wire inside the windows. So that's what I'm planning to do.
    See you soon, Heidi! :)