Friday, October 30, 2015

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Monday, October 26, 2015

A Full Moon & Halloween All In One Week!

With a full moon AND Halloween all in one week, we better keep the kids busy!

These Are Perfect for Halloween Week!

A Fun Halloween Treat:

The week began with a birthday celebration.  A wonderful parent brought these in for her child's birthday.  She made them out of oranges and filled them with fresh fruit salad.  Yum!

 We enjoyed this treat while working on our "Seed to Pumpkin" sequence.


Such cute treats!

 On Friday, we will have our Halloween Parade!
This is a photo from last year.

Everyone brought in a costume.
Just in case they didn't, I had a few extra character hats on hand.

Each child got to choose a rhythm instrument for the parade.

We marched through the school playing our musical instruments.

We went into almost every classroom playing our musical instruments.
I gave the teachers a little ghost to post on their door if they wanted us to visit.

About 100 students marched for about 30 minutes.

Then we had our witch's brew.
(Warm apple juice poured over dry ice.)

That night, I took the rest of the green pool noodle 
that we used to make our 5 Little Pumpkins and I cut them into two legs.  
I put socks and shoes on them and tucked the tops under our rug by the front doors.

My dear hubby did NOT notice this when he came downstairs in the morning!
If you missed the post about the 5 Little Pumpkins, CLICK HERE.

We tucked them under the garage door after I pulled the car out:

Anyway, back at school....

The following day, we were off to the pumpkin patch!

Our local pumpkin patch has been a favorite for years and years, but sadly it is closed this year.

Last year we learned about how pumpkins grow right in the pumpkin patch.

And we learned about how corn grows.

We got to see the pumpkins growing in the fields.

 We met a great big cow!

        We got to see an emu too.

                        And we got to see a great big turkey.

Last, we got to play on the stacks of hay.

If you liked our ideas, you can do them next year.  :)
And remember to grab out Halloween Book.  
You can even use it after Halloween as a follow-up to Halloween:
Click any of the images to find the link.
Here are a few more images from this cute book:


Tell us about the fun things you did on Halloween week.
 See you all tomorrow!
Palma :)
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

How To Use Pool Noodles For Halloween FUN

Thanks to Heidi, from Heidi's Songs, for her great idea:

Use Pool Noodles to create pumpkins!

Each pumpkin was unique!

 What We Did:

I sliced off a piece of a pool noodle and we used it as a stamp to stamp 5 orange circles on our gate.
It was the 40th day of school, so it was perfect since it looked just like an orange zero!
The pool noodle also created a nice texture when we lifted the paint up off of the paper.

Have you searched "pool noodles" on
Pinterest?  Try it.  You'll be amazed!  :)

How We Did It:

The students cut out a simple gate which was printed on brown construction paper.  You can also just give them 2 long strips of brown construction paper (1" X 10") for the gate rails and 2 short strips (1" X 5") for the gate posts.

They glued their gate to a piece of blue construction paper for a daytime setting or a piece of black construction paper for a nighttime setting.  (A great way to integrate the setting of a story into your project.)

These mouths looked a lot like Ws.
Blue background meant daytime.
We poured a bit of orange tempra on a paper plate and used the slice of the pool noodle to dip into the paint and stamp five pumpkins on the gate.  You can also paint the orange paint onto the pool noodle slice before stamping.

The next day, I gave each child 5 wide mouths that kind of looked like wide Ws.  I made them by stacking 5 pieces of black construction paper cut to 1/2" X 2".  I trimmed the sides so the rectangles looked like trapezoids.

Then I snipped out two triangles from the top and one from the bottom.
Some came out a little wider with 3 triangles cut out of the top and 2 out of the bottom.

These mouths looked wider than a W.
Black background meant it was nighttime.  

I placed the 5 "W" shaped mouths and all of the scraps of triangles on each child's workspace.  They glued the mouths to each of the dried pumpkins and had lots of triangles to create eyes and noses.
I also gave them each a small piece of green construction paper to create five stems or vines.

The entrance to our "TK"
AKA:  The Kingdom!  :)

They also got to glue the poem to the gate.  Don't they look cute on and around my door?

Sets of 5 pumpkins sat on the gates just outside of
"The Kingdom"

I still have the rest of the pool noodle to use for other great projects.
I think I'll do this with the rest of the green pool noodle:

I am so doing this!

If you made "5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate," let us know how YOU did it!

Thank you, Heidi, for the great pumpkin idea!  :)

See you all tomorrow!
Palma :)

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Flashback Friday: One of my best Common Core Posts from last Oct.

When The Teacher Becomes The Facilitator:

This was a super-popular post that I wrote last year:

We were exploring all of the ways to create 6.  I didn't give any directions; I only gave my small group of four students 6 double-sided (red & white) chips and the ten frames I won at I Teach K last summer.   I asked a few questions, but mostly I just let them discover on their own or with a partner.
"I arranged my chips in a different way than you did,
but we both have 2 white chips and 4 red chips."

At first, I just let them play with the ten frames and chips. 

Then, The Magic Happened:

Let me show you how to make an AB pattern with your chips.

They explored and discussed so many ways to create 6.  

They learned from each other.

They helped each other.

They used their words and had so much fun making different combinations of 6.

How many more do I need to get to ten?
You can get these plastic double ten-frames at Lakeshore.  Click HERE for the link.

Now, we will complete page 6:

Each week, we created a picture using one or two shapes.  On week one we used only one piece.
We made one of these things: a sun, a kite, a gift, a bowl, a tee-pee, or a fish.

Students were also encouraged to come up with new things to make out of only one piece. 
Student may choose one of these or create their own.

On week 2 we used 2 pieces.  They could be 2 of the same piece or 2 different pieces.

Can you see how the house is 1 + 1 = 2, but the bird is 2 + 0 = 2?
Sorry about the paint on the sunglasses :o/

On week 3 we used 3 pieces.  They could pick 3 pieces that were all the same or 2 different shapes (1 of one shape and 2 of another shape), but NOT 3 different shapes.

Can you tell why the face is 3 + 0 = 3, but the cat is 2 + 1 - 3? 
Imagine the fun your kids will have creating objects with all one shape or two shapes.

After we created the picture, we completed the sentence with words.  This is what page 6 might have had on it:
My students came up with these.

 Then, we wrote:  6 is a ________.  (flower, star, ship, etc.  They got to pick one.)

I printed 2 of the same page on each master so you can simply copy
the entire packet, cut the pages in half, and staple both mini books.

Then, we completed the number sentence that went with the picture:  
0 + 6 = 6
1 + 5 = 6
2 + 4 = 6
3 + 3 = 6

This makes a great book to keep for Open House.  

You can find my Addition Book by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

5 FUN Oct. Activities That Really Teach!

October Math The KFUN Way:

I called this activity the "Meow Mall" and I posted each unique cat on the bulletin board before gluing them into their memory books. 

Set up a table with craft supplies where students can "buy" the parts to decorate their cats. 
Create a menu.
In a small group, give each child a plain black cat and 20 cents so they can shop. 

Here are the craft supplies for the "Monster Mall" below.
Here is another version of the shopping activity:
Give each chile a green square face and 10 cents.
They buy the pieces to create their own monster.
You can find out all about this fun shopping activity by clicking RIGHT HERE.

You can grab my shopping receipt templates by clicking HERE.

More Halloween FUN: We made these with pool noodles! Really!

Use a slice of a pool noodle to create these 5 Little Pumpkins and teach ordinal numbers.

Find out how to make these cute little pumpkins by clicking HERE.

Halloween Sight Word FUN:

Practicing color sight words has never been so much fun and your students can make an easy reading book to take home and share with their families.
This is a color version of the black line book cover.
I usually complete one page a day with my students in a whole group setting.  The book contains 9 pages plus the cover, so we complete it over two weeks, but you can also complete several pages at one time in a small group setting.

A FUN way to learn the color words.

One the first page, the students copy the sight word "Black" and color the cat black.

On the next page, they copy the sight word "Orange" and color the pumpkins orange.

This is my favorite page:  I see a green monster looking at me!

They continue in this manner until all of the characters end up at a Halloween party.  

You can grab this book by clicking RIGHT HERE.

Have You Seen My Pocket Lockets?

My students beg to make these each week.  They can make a sight word pocket watch or a sight word locket.  This is how:
First, they trace the letters and numbers.
Next, they cut out the pocket-locket.
Then, they cut out the individual letters of the sight word.
Next, they glue on the letters on in the correct order.
Last, they add a piece of yarn.

They can wear it in their pockets as a pocket watch or around their necks as a locket.
This set contains 18 sight words plus a blank
pocket-locket so you can add more sight words.
You can grab two FREE Pocket Lockets by clicking RIGHT HERE.

Grab the entire set by clicking HERE.

More Sight Word Fun:

Shaving cream creates the perfect surface for writing sight words.
And when you're all done, just clean it up and your desks are nice and clean!

You can grab two pocket lockets for FREE by 

Check out my:

(Tons of FREE ideas.)

(Oh, the ideas on these boards!)

TeAcHeRs PaY TeAcHeRs:
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