Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How I Adorn Thee... Find out here!

I have discovered my newest favorite thing!

Do you have (or know someone who has) a teething baby or toddler? I bet they are always trying to grab something to chew on, like mom's keys or jewelry. Well, I have discovered the perfect, clean, and safe solution! Teething jewelry!
Click the necklace for more info.
This one is part of the "Pretty Mama" Collection.

"How I Adorn Thee" makes silicone jewelry that is worn by moms and used by their babies and toddlers to ease the pain of teething. Brilliant, right?
Click the necklace for more info. 
This is part of the "Funky Mama" collection. 

They are safe, stylish, and they even come in children's sizes so your child may wear his/her own beads.
Click one of the necklaces for more info.
This is part of the "Mom & Tot" collection.

The beads and rings are non-toxic. They are made from food-grade silicone which is safe for babies and children alike. The clasps are designed to break away if the baby pulls to hard. It is important to note that these products should be used under adult supervision as they could  pose a choking hazard if used incorrectly. 
Click the bracelet for more info.
This is part of the "Bracelet" collection.

They also make some styles with natural wooden beads and rings made from North American maple. Some have been treated with beeswax or oils such as olive, avocado  or grape seed. 
And they even have bracelets for dads! 
Check out the men's collection by CLICKING HERE
Click the bracelet for more info. 
This is part of the "Men's" collection.

Both silicone and wooden beads and rings may be cleaned up easily with mild soap and water.
Click on the necklace for more info.This is part of the "
This is part of the "Kiddo" collection. 

They are also great to entertain your little one while you are shopping or at a restaurant. 

I'm thinking that if your child has issues with chewing pencils, toys, or even their clothing, you might want to try this alternative. They make child-size jewelry for boys and girls that can be cleaned daily. 
Click the necklace.
Child-size necklace.
Click the necklace.
Child-size necklace.

They make child-size jewelry for boys and girls 
that can be cleaned daily. 

Click the necklace.
Click the image.

Click the image.

Smart, Safe, and Stylish! 
I'll have these at my booth at the Southern California Kindergarten Conference in Pasadena, CA on Feb. 24 and 25. See you there!
Click the image.

Click the image. 

You can order them here:
Retailers who carry 
How I Adorn Thee:

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Why Was I Surprised?

Today Is My 5 Year Blogaversary!

So, why was I surprised that it had already been 5 years since starting my blog? Well, because it seemed like 3. It's been such a fun ride and I'm so glad I took the leap into this teacher blogging/TpT/Presenting world! I LOVE my new job!

My Very 1st Post:

Here it is, and it's STILL my favorite organizational idea. I LOVE how file folders fit perfectly in these racks. I had at least 3 of these in my classroom at all times and now I have them in my office.
You can read my very first post from 5 years ago today by CLICKING HERE
CLICK the image to see the post. 

Selling on TpT Has Been Awesome:

The BEST part of selling on Teachers Pay Teachers is the wonderful feedback I get from teachers around the world. I LOVE hearing that their students enjoyed writing with Instant Sentences or had so much fun "shopping" with my Shopping Receipts set. It is great to know that children are having fun learning and that teachers are having more fun teaching. You can check out my TpT Store, which has 20 FREEBIES for you by CLICKING HERE.
CLICK the image to grab your 20 FREEBIES.

Presenting Is The Best Job EVER:

I'm so blessed to be able to present at conferences across the USA and even in Canada. I present a lot for SDE (Staff Development for Educators) at conferences and for school districts. It combines two of my favorite things: Kindergarten and traveling. I love getting to meet early childhood teachers and sharing my ideas, tips, and techniques with them. It's such a great feeling to inspire a teacher and get them excited about teaching certain content, especially when they were feeling a bit burned out. My goal is to make both teaching AND learning FUN. 

Will you be attending the cadillac of all kindergarten conferences this July in Las Vegas? I'm talking about "I Teach K!" You can find more info by CLICKING HERE. This is one conference you won't want to miss!

CLICK image for info.

What's Next:

I'm heading to Pasadena in a few days to present at the Southern California Kindergarten Conference. There, I'll be presenting on Close Reading and Hands-on Science. I'll also have a booth where I'll be debuting my new flash drives which contain most of my favorite products. Take a look at these cuties.
I love the color of these and they are filled with so much fun!
Scroll down a bit to find out how to order these money-saving flash drives filled with products. 

Here is what you will find on these flash drives:
86 templates for WRITING.
Click the image to see the individual products.

134 templates for MATH.
Click the image to see the individual products.

194 templates for ELA.
Click the image to see the individual products.

Over 71 templates for INTEGRATION (Science/Art/ELA)
Click the image to see the individual products.
If you want to order any of these flash drives, you can email me at 
and I will be happy to mail you one. 

Each flash drive contains one of the sets ($30 value) pictured 
for $20 (all 4 sets on one flash drive for $65 and that's over $100 in products!) 
and I will include FREE SHIPPING for a limited time. 

But wait, there will be even more deals at my booth:

I'm also super excited to offer sets of the cutest graphics and fonts ever from D.J. Inkers at amazing prices! Yes, those adorable graphics and fonts that make your teacher-made notices, signs, and worksheets so cute will be available at my booth at a huge discount. 
I'm featuring: 
"Kids All Year" which has the cutest seasonal graphics plus fonts that will last your all year long. 
"Early Years" with the best collection of nursery rhymes and graphics to go along with each rhyme.
"Kidillywinks" which has the cutest calendars and school-themed graphics and fonts.
"Super Fontastic" which has 77 fonts! I love the ones you can color in.
Click image for more info.

Click the image for more info. 
Click for more info.

Click the image for more info.

But wait, there's more... I'll also be giving away free graphics at my presentations, at my booth, and at the Super Hero Blogger Bash! I even have a free ($60 value) DJ Inkers commercial license to give away! So if anyone out there wants to sell on TpT like me, they may use their DJ Inkers graphics and fonts on their products with this free license! 
I'll be giving away one of these
commercial licenses worth $60
 at the SCKC Blogger Bash Friday night!

More Give-Aways and Favorite Products:

I'll also be giving away certificates for a FREE year of ESGI, my favorite online testing resource which will cause your students to BEG TO BE TESTED! I'm serious, they will, and YOU will save hours of testing, recording, and reporting test results because ESGI will do it all for you with a CLICK! You can find more info about ESGI and get started with a FREE 60 day trial. And, if you enter the code KFUN, you will automatically qualify for $40 off of your 1st year
Click the Super Hero for more info.

You can find me in my booth wearing my favorite teaching apron from Show and Tell Aprons

Click the pink apron for more info. 
They have so many great styles and you can use it to teach anything from phonemic awareness to math equations, and story sequence to composing sentences! I just love these aprons. They will also have a booth at the SCKC close to my booth. 

Click the image for more info.
Click the image for more info.

 Thank you for joining me on this 5-year Blogging/TpT/Presenting adventure. I hope to meet you all at a conference. If you follow my blog, come up to me and tell me. I often have a little prize for those who follow me on my blog or other social media. Go ahead and check out these links and we will talk soon! :)

Monday, February 6, 2017

I'm In LOVE With...

... You'll Never Guess!

OK, I'll come clean. It's been a few years now so it's time for me to confess. I have been in love with my very favorite teaching tool for quite some time now. It's my Show And Tell Apron
In fact, I own 3 of these and I would have more, but I retired from teaching 1 1/2 years ago! Have you seen these? 
Click the image above.

Sharing The Love of My Show And Tell Apron!

They come in all sorts of styles 
and can be used to teach all sorts of skills!
There is the regular style like the black one below, a tu-tu style, 
a BBQ style, 
and even a child-sized style!

Here is my very first Show And Tell Apron 
draped over my chair 
at the front of my TK/K classroom in SoCal. 
The apron's creator, Sandy, gave me this apron at the SDE Conference called "I Teach K!" several years ago. Sandy is the most talented, sweet, and generous teacher you will EVER meet! I love her so much and I wish I was little again so I could be in HER kindergarten class. 
I will always treasure my first 
Show And Tell apron!
Click the image.

My students could not wait to see which apron I would be wearing each day!

How I Used My Apron:

I used it to teach phonemic awareness:
Click the image above.

I used it to teach "counting up" 
(also called "counting on") 
in math:
Click the image above.

I used it to teach CVC words 
and how to add a "magic e" 
to create a silent e word.
And I used it to teach sight words:
Click the image above. 
Here is my special funny tip:
If you are wearing your apron and you 
have the word "hello" in the pockets,
don't allow anything to cover the "o" as you 
carry things in your right hand or you will 
be walking around your school wearing 
an apron that spells out "hell"!  :o/

Anyway, I also used it 
to teach the sequence 
of a familiar story.

Click the image above. 
Here is Sandy, 
the owner, designer, and inventor of 
re-telling the story of The Three Bears:
(I invited Sandy to share her rap 
to Pre-K and K teachers at 
in Las Vegas. 
Click this image to see the YouTube video of this amazing rap!
You can view Sandy's "Three Bear Rap" by

And, did I mention...

 ... that Sandy makes teaching cards that fit perfectly in her Show And Tell Aprons? Here are just a few of her sets:

These days:

I love to wear my pink tutu Show and Tell Apron when I'm presenting across the USA and even in Canada! As soon as I put it on, teachers gasp and immediately start taking photos of me. 
Here is an image of my favorite 
just waiting for me to put it on 
during one of my presentations for
Click the image above.
So, true story... I was presenting in New England and I had a few minutes before my next presentation. I was wearing the special pink tutu apron Sandy made for me and I quickly ran into the elevator to catch the rest of the keynote that morning. Well, there was a big man in the elevator wearing a suit and looking very important and serious, but when he saw this pink blur run in his direction right into the elevator, he jumped backwards! I looked at him and said, "Don't judge, I'm presenting at a conference here." After a slight pause, he said, "Who are you presenting to?" 
I replied, "Kindergarten teachers," and as I walked out of the elevator I heard him say, "Oh, of course."  :) 

Here Is a Little More Love To Share: 

Tell your "sweetie" that this year, 
you would LOVE to have a 
for Valentine's Day. 
Your students will LOVE it as much as YOU!
to see the entire collection of 

And here is a little more love for your students:
Just for your "Littles", A Valentin'e Day Freebie! 
(This set will be FREE for just a few days.)
This Valentine Themed Subtraction Take-Home Book incorporates decomposing from five along with the names of five of their classmates. I used it on Valentine's Day and it kept my "Littles" focused, entertained, and interacting during the    craziest  last part of the day!  :o) 
Click the image above to grab your FREEBIE!

I hope you felt the love that all of the bloggers who linked together to show our appreciation for Sandy and her amazing Show And Tell Aprons.
You can visit HER BLOG 
or on the image below:
Add caption

Be sure to check out the entire LINK UP and see what all of the other bloggers are saying about Sandy and her amazing aprons!
Just CLICK HERE and click on any of 
the other blogs listed at the end of that post. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day 
and get to "share the love" with all of the 
special people in your life.