Saturday, May 28, 2016

10 FUN Ideas to End & Begin Your School Year All on SALE + a FREEBIE!

Close out 1 year & set up next year with this sale:

Now is the time to grab the products you want to make the end of this school year extra special and help you make next year's set-up a breeze.

Right now, you can grab these graduation certificates (for Pre-K, K, TK, or anything else your kids might be graduating from) while they are on SALE:
Click the image. 

And if you need a cute graduation song, just print this one and glue the pages to 9" X 12" construction paper for a big book to use as you teach your students this song to the tune of "It's A Small World". 
Click the image.

You can download an instrumental version of the song from iTunes, but many teachers just use this song without any music at all because the tune is so recognizable. 

Perfect for the last page of their Memory Book: "When I Grow Up":

Click the image.

Do you need a Father's Day gift idea? This one is so easy and virtually free. Students can make these for any significant person in their lives too!
Click the image.

Did you know that June 14 is Flag Day? Your students can write about our flag with this flag writing template. Use it again next year while studying about national symbols, Veteran's Day, American presidents, or Memorial Day. After writing, you color in the blank lines with the sides of broken, red crayons and fill in the background of the illustration with blue. 
Click the image. 

End-of-the-year Gift to make with old, fat crayons: (This is a FREEBIE)

And here is a fun activity to try during the last week of school. Make one Rime Time flower each day!
Click the image. 

Get Ready for Next Year...
... with these FUN products:

Click the image.

Click the image.

Includes so many products for 1 low price and it's also on SALE! 
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Have FUN Shopping during this Memorial Day SALE!

Friday, May 20, 2016

3, no 4 Ways to Make Your End-of-the-Year Celebration Xtra-Special!

Are you planning a little Pre-K or K Graduation?

Click the image.
Check out these fun end-of-the-year certificates. These CUTE graduation certificates are Ready-to-Print for Pre-school, Pre-Kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten (TK), and Kindergarten.

You even get a blank copy so you can fill in any special program you might have. 
Click the image.

You can grab your copy by

Next up: A cute song-

Just print and glue to construction paper (12" X 18") to create a big book that you can use to teach your Littles this cute song
Click the image.

It is sung to the tune of "It's A Small World" which you can download (an instrumental version) from iTunes.  
Click the image.

I like to bind my big books at the bottom (landscape style) so all I have to do is push the current page down with my thumb and let gravity allow the page to drop, exposing the next page. Then, I'm not fiddling with turning pages while the children are singing. :)
Click the image.

You can grab this song by

A "Good-bye" Gift: (And a FREEBIE poem!)
My Crayon Candle & poem project is an awesome gift your students can easily make to give to their parents.  There is even a version of the poem for any children who might not be graduating. And the best part is that this is a FREE download!
Click the image above.

All you have to do is let the children break and unwrap their fat primary crayons and drop them into a glass baby food jar. Remember to label the bottoms of the jars with their names. I like to do this with masking tape because it is sometimes hard to read the names when this project is done, even if you use a dark colored Sharpie. 
Click the image above. 

After the kids fill their jar with crayons, slide a birthday candle into the center of each jar. This is a lot less expensive than buying candle wicks. It might take a little wiggling, but you can get the candles in. 

Last, after school, melt some paraffin wax and pour some into each jar. I like to use my home-hand wax machine. It melts the wax and I can easily ladle it into each jar. Let them sit overnight to cool.

I like to roll up this poem and tie it to each candle. My students gave these to their parents at the end of their graduation ceremony.

You can grab this FREE poem by 

Perfect to serve at your celebration!

Just cut bananas in half, cut a slit for the grape, add grapes and you're done!

I hope you like these fun ideas. Share your graduation ideas below for our readers! 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Multi-Tasking Made Easy!

What A GREAT Idea!

Our days are so busy and it's so hard to fit everything in, but this is one GREAT way to get inspire and expand our minds and our teaching.
Less stress by using your time more efficiently! :)
So the next time you find yourself driving to work, 

getting dressed, 

or even cooking dinner, 
tune in and get ready to expand your mind, develop professionally, and learn a thing or two.

I'm Talking About Podcasts:
Kindergarten Kiosk has a series of educational podcasts that are perfect to listen to while driving to work, getting dressed in the morning, or even while cooking dinner. Whenever you have an extra moment, tune in!

My Podcast:
I was so excited to be featured on a podcast about GUIDED READING last week. And I was so nervous that you will have to excuse all of my ummmms! 

Lyndsey Jarman hosts wonderful podcasts on all kinds of topics that K-2nd grade teachers would be interested in. And now they are part of the Education Podcast Network!

You can catch my cast by CLICKING HERE.

In this podcast, I talk about 
-a simple 5-day plan for teaching Guided Reading
-logistics of meeting with small groups
-classroom management
-my favorite teaching tools & techniques

Here are the links to my original blogpost about Guided Reading AND
to the products & FREEBIES mentioned in the podcast. 

Guided Reading post:

Alphabet Pin Cards:

Letter & Number Formation Cards:

Sight Word Pocket Lockets:

iPhone templates from Dragonflies in First:

Reading Strategy posters from Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten:

Writing Prompts on TpT:

American Flag Writing template:

Career Writing template:

Instant Writing set:

Post on how to get EVERY student writing:

ESGI:   (use discount code: KFUN )

The best thing about these podcasts is that they are short, casual, and the topics are current. It's a great way to get inspired, motivated, and encouraged! Professional development without taking time from yourself or your family. It's the best way I have found to multi-task without burn-out! So enjoy!

You can find more of Lyndsey's podcasts by visiting Kindergarten Kiosk and clicking on the PODCAST tab or just CLICK HERE

Monday, May 9, 2016

The Cutest Kindergarten Graduation Song EVER! (Great for pre-school or TK graduation too!)

Turn these colorful pages into a Big Book...

... and easily teach your students this fun, upbeat song!


Just print the pages, glue them to colored construction paper, bind at the bottom (this helps you turn the pages quickly as it allows gravity to assist you as you just drop each page), and start singing!
Click the image.

Click the image
I downloaded an instrumental version of "It's a Small World" from iTunes to go along with this song. 
Click the image.
By changing the sentence "We will soon be in 1st grade!" to "We will soon be in kindergarten!" you can use this for your pre-school or transitional kindergarten graduation song!

My students loved singing this song and their parents told me how often they sang it at home too. I even had one new student who entered my classroom on the first day of kindergarten singing this song because he heard his brother singing it all summer long!

You can download the words on cute framed pages 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Just For YOU! It's Teacher Appreciation Week!

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