Friday, September 22, 2017

Are YOU Teaching TK This Year?

It's NOT Just "Kindergarten Light!" Right?

This was our class mascot, Boomer!
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Transitional Kindergarten is so much more than just a modified version of kindergarten. Student in TK should be primarily developing social/emotional skills, exposed to great literature, and developing oral language, large muscle & small muscle skills. 
Working together & learning how to collaborate. 

Developing social skills in a playful atmosphere. 
Secondary to that are the academic skills of letter and sound recognition and number sense, exposure to science concepts, social studies, and the arts. 
Science & Lit: Jack & the Beanstalk
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Learning about weather with pictures helps develop oral language. 

A healthy snack can be a learning experience:1 grape, 2 pretzels, 3 slices of banana.

What happened to our frozen igloo?And what happened to it by the next day?

Check out this interview where I talk about the difference between TK and K, explain a typical half-day and full-day schedule, and recall the playful centers and activities I fostered in my TK/K combo class.  
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Here is the link to the interview:  CLICK HERE.
And find more ideas to use in your TK or K classroom here:  CLICK HERE

Monday, September 11, 2017

Join Me On Tuesday, Sept. 12...

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