Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sight Word FUN! & It's on SALE Today!



They are the newest rage in my class.  My kids can't wait to learn a new sight word so they can make a locket or a pocket watch!  And they include all 18 of the Houghton Mifflin Kindergarten sight words AND they come with blank Pocket-Lockets so you can add as many new words as you like! 

Want to know the best part?

The best part is that both boys and girls like to make and wear BOTH lockets AND pocket watches. 

Your students will LOVE making these sight word locket necklaces and pocket watches too!
Both are made the same way, just one is worn as a necklace and the other gets slipped into a pocket like a pocket watch!

How To Make Them:

All you have to do is run these Sight Word Pocket-Lockets on colored construction paper and give each child a piece of yarn that is about 26" long.  Give them marking pens for tracing the letters, words, and numbers; scissors, and glue and you are good to go!

Students trace the sight words and, as an added bonus, they also trace the numbers on the watch.  
If you make one of these watches each week, that will give your students an extra experience tracing the numbers 1-12 AND they will conceptualize where the numbers go on an analog clock or watch.  

Students need to cut out* the rectangles containing the letters of the sight word and they need to glue them to one of the blank sides of the Pocket-locket.  When glueing on the letters they need to glue them in the correct order and they must make sure they are oriented in the correct direction and are not upside down.  They may use the sample of the sight word already printed on the Pocket-Locket as a guide.  Note:  When gluing on the sight words with 4 letters, they will need to overlap the rectangles so all 4 letters fit.

Then, they tie the ends of the yarn together and position the center of the yarn inside the fold of the Pocket-Locket.  It is best to use white glue when attaching the yarn.  They let it dry before wearing their Pocket-Locket.  


My students actually beg to make these Pocket-Lockets.  

This Is What is Included In This Pack:

Included are the following words:  I, see, my like, a, to, and, is, go, for, here, the, have, she, said, are, play, he.  And then you get 2 blank Pocket-Lockets and blank letter rectangles so you can add your own special words.  

A Fun Twist:

Have your students glue on the individual letters to the front of the Pocket-Locket in a random order so their friends may guess the word that is inside!

How To Get This Pack and The FREEBIE:

What fun! 

It includes the sight words see and my.

*  See a special post all about using higher level thinking skills while cutting out these Pocket-Lockets and take the "One Scrap Challenge" by clicking right HERE.  You will use this special tip EVERY DAY in your classroom forever!  Really!  :)

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