Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The End of One Year...

... with these cute graduation certificates.  Click the image for the download.
You get a pre-school, pre-kindergarten, transitional kindergarten, and kindergarten certificate AND you also get a blank one so you can fill in anything you want!

Your kindergarten students will love singing this graduation song to the tune of "It's A Small World"
and the pages make a great big book! Click the image for the download.

Students can add small school photos of their friends to their bus.
Click the image for your FREE template.
Just paint the top of the egg cartons, download and print the FREE bus template, and pass out the tiny school photos you get each year. A fun project to decorate the room for your graduation.

Click the image for the download.
Even if school ends before Father's Day, you can have your students make these and send them home so they can honor their dads or any significant man in their life.
Students write the first name of their dad, grandpa, or any other significant person in their lives.
You make 10-20 copies to create a stack of notes. Wrap with cellophane & twine. Always a hit!

And The Beginning of Another:

Get your P, H, D from Palma, Heidi, & Drew & join us for a one-day workshop in Northern CA on June 2 and get inspired to start your new school year on the right foot. This hands-on workshop includes lunch & breakfast snacks. Check out our agenda for the fun-filled day, and did I mention prizes? We have hundreds of dollars in prizes to give away! 
Click the image for more info.

Click the image for more info.

The First Day of School:

This is my most popular product!Attach a cotton ball and it's ready for your parents on the 1st day of school.
Click the image for the download.
You will want to start your new school year with "All About Numbers 1-5":   CLICK HERE
Click the image above to see all of the templates, ideas, and activities for #s 1-5.


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