Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Trick To Prevent Writing Letters From Bottom To Top

If some of your students are still writing their letters from the bottom up, this little trick will help to stop that.  I keep binders near our journals and students us them on the rug like little easels.  It is almost impossible to write letters from the bottom up on these.
I store these in alternating directions.  The kids love to organize them for me.  

A normal size page fits perfectly on these binders.

No more letters written from the bottom up!  :)

The kids LOVE to use them.  The wider the binder, the better.

They go great with:
our 4 Star Journal pages on TPT.
This set comes with sentence starters on wide lines, they progress to sentence starters with narrow lines, and to blank lines.


  1. After this was posted on my Facebook page, a reader had this question:
    " I'd love to see what her 4 areas are for her writing rubric. I can't make it out..."
    Any responses?
    Heidi Butkus

    1. Great, so glad for the interest! The for areas are: I wrote my name. I began with a capital and ended with a stop sign. I was neat. I used finger spaces. Hope this helps. Happy writing!