Thursday, April 11, 2013

One Project, All 5 Senses! (OK, Maybe Just 4) :o)

Love, love, love, this 5 Senses project:  Jell-O flavored Names!

This little one is looking for the letter "y" (with a little help from a cross-age tutor) all around our room.1.  Open a few different boxes of Jell-O gelatin and pour the powder into clear plastic cups.  Add a spoon to each cup.  (I use 5 different colors of Jell-O.)
2.  Students write their name with a pencil on a 12" sentence strip.  You can write their name, if you like.
3.  You hold the student's hand as you both go over each name with white glue being careful to make even lines of glue without any gaps.
4.  Students pick a flavor (or 2) of Jell-O to sprinkle over the glue.
(They delight in watching the pink Jell-O turn red and the other colors darken as they soak into the glue.)
5.  Allow the name tags to dry over night.
6.  The next day, they get to "scratch and sniff" their names.

They "saw" the Jell-O change color with their eyes.
They "smell" the flavored Jell-O with their nose.
They "feel" the raised letters of their name and the roughness of the dried Jello-O with their fingers.
They "hear" the sound of their fingers scratching the letters with their ears.

OK, so they don't taste it, but they want to!  :)  Actually, you could let them taste a few grains of the powdered Jell-O.  The flavors are pretty intense while still in the powdered form.

I post these and they may "scratch and sniff" their friends' names too!


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