Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Post Easter Shopping... The Sequel :)

I love these little flowerpots for baking brownies.  I usually top them with a sliced & fanned strawberry to look like a flower.
I put these cupcake toppers in the flowerpots for now.
Maybe I can put a set of plastic worms in each flowerpot & use them for subtracting.
What do you think?

At half price ($5 @ Walmart), I thought I would grab some more, but was super surprised to find more treasures inside the box.  Brownie mix, frosting mix, colored sugars, and these cute little inserts that look like cupcakes.

This is everything it came with for $5.

I know I can do something fun with these in my classroom.
The kit came with 6 of these stand up cupcakes.

Post your ideas here, OK?  


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