Sunday, April 7, 2013

One More Freebie

We put our Holiday Graph and Opinion Writing Prompt on the FREEBIE list this week!
I know, Christmas in April?  Why not???  :o)
My kids LOVE this activity:
You get the graph icons for free!

1.  Make a class graph using the icons in our packet.  They include a snowman, and elf, a reindeer, and a gingerbread man.

2.  Ask each child, individually, if they would rather be a Snowman, an Elf, a Reindeer, or a Gingerbread Man.
You can find props like elf ears, caps, and aprons
at stores like Target.  I had a tiny hammer that came
with some peanut brittle.  Can you see it in her hand?
You can make this out of white tagboard.
Add a hat, a scarf, and some coal buttons and you're done!

3.  Place their photograph or name on the graph indicating the holiday character they would most like to be.

4.  This is when I use my props or tagboard cut outs to take a photograph of them looking like their favorite holiday character.
This nose lights up!

Made out of tagboard covered with brown butcher
paper.  Add white frosting trim & gumdrop buttons.  
5.  Use this as an opinion writing prompt:  Why would you rather be a snowman, elf, reindeer, or gingerbread man.

(Every year it's the same.  The reindeer win.  The kids tell me that snowmen melt, elves have to work too hard, gingerbread men get eaten, but reindeer can FLY!)

You can use their photograph or have them illustrate their opinion writing.

I keep these outfits near the playhouse so it becomes the Gingerbread House
and the snowman, elf, and reindeer may visit.  :)

I store the cut-outs on a hook.

I run these through the laminator so they will last.  
The cut-outs don't come with the freebie icons, but you are welcome to copy mine from the photos.


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