Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mother's Day Projects

Here are 2 great projects for Mother's Day that you might have missed.  These handmade beads are LoVeD, LoVeD, LoVeD by my kids' moms and the hats are just too cute!

You can see step-by-step directions for the beads here.

You can find step-by-step directions for the hats here.

My students started making the beads this week.

At first, many of them said, "I can't."  I started a few paper triangles on the toothpick for them and let them finish wrapping the triangle around the toothpick, adding the glue, and wrapping the triangle to the end.  Then, they slid the paper bead off of the toothpick and were so proud of themselves.  That gave them the confidence to start one on their own.

It always amazes me who ends up being really good at this and who doesn't.

If you plan on making either or both of these, it's best to start soon.

Enjoy!  And keep the FUN in the FUNdamentals!  :)


  1. I am going to start making these necklaces this week. I saw you present at the Kindergarten Conference and was blown away by all of your great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Which Kindergarten Conference, Kate? We did the one in Santa Clara and the one in Pasadena.
    So glad you are planning to make these. I started last Thursday, so each of my kids have about 10 beads made. We will string 1 paper bead and then 10 or more glass beads from Michael's before adding another paper bead. Once again, my lowest kids did best when it came to making beads. My higher kids needed me to get them started on their toothpick. :o)

    Remember to keep lots of extra toothpicks on hand just in case they get sticky with glue. I also kept damp sponges on the table. Sometimes, the beads get stuck on the toothpick and it helps to grab the end of the toothpick with a damp sponge and pull the bead off of the other end. Sometimes you just have to throw away the bead on the toothpick.

    I worked with 5 students at a time. As they finish each bead, have them drop it into a waxed Dixie cup with their name written on the cup. Then, the next day, they just get their cup and start making more beads. If they make some really loose beads, just drop it in their cup and have them keep trying. By the second day, all of my kids were making their own beads. :)

    Good luck and just keep encouraging them. They can do it! :)

  3. I went to your presentation in Pasadena. Please keep your great ideas coming!

    You were right! All my kids did really well with this project! Some of them did make really loose beads, but I think they will get better as they make more. They loved making these today!