Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Poetry Cubes (an oldie, but a goodie)

I made one of these for each month of the year.  This is my Dec. cube.

Here is how:
Rinse out 2 half-gallon milk or juice containers.
Cut them down to be as tall as they are wide.
Slide on inside the other to create a cube.
Wrap with seasonal wrapping paper, solid colored paper, or contact paper.
Print 6 poems for each cube.  Look for poems that go well with each month.
Glue poems to each side.
Cover with clear contact paper.

How to use:
Each morning, the VIP gets to roll the cube (like a bowling ball) to the teacher.
This ensures that we use the word "cube" every day to help us learn our 3D shapes.
The teacher reads the poem, we listen for the rhyming words and use this chant to highlight them:

If the rhyme is cat and hat, we say, "Cat, hat, cat, hat, they both end with at."
Note: Don't say this chant for rhymes like "grass, pass"  :oD


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