Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Crazy Week...

This week we are making our paper bead necklaces for Mother's Day,


After the flour/water mixture dried overnight,
they painted the fabric with watercolors.

Creating batik watercolors on fabric to display in the art show,
Squeezing the flour/water mixture on the
fabric over the flower template.
Then, we let them dry overnight laying flat.
They painted all of the fabric.  Then, we
hung them up to dry overnight.
Here, you can see the green bunnies we used for subtracting.
We used them to complete our Jewel Subtraction page for 6.
We use a different type of counter for each subtraction page. 

I'll post directions for creating beautiful batik projects soon.

Subtracting from 6 with bunnies and sponge holders (we call them bunny slides),
Sponge holders fit right over their little arms.  Perfect for
composing or decomposing numbers.
We used them today to subtract from 6.
We demonstrated understanding of each subtractionsentence from 6-6=0 to 6-0=6.
The math subtracting pages are from our "Jewel Subtraction" on TPT.

and completing our formative writing tests, which includes thinking maps, icons for depth & complexity, and writing a narrative.



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