Monday, April 22, 2013

Quick As A Cricket: Nouns & Adjectives in Kindergarten

Based on the book, Quick As A Cricket, by Audrey Wood, we created this darling 8-page mini book.

Introduce nouns and adjectives in a way that kindergarten children can understand.

Read the book and list the animals in our mini book on a chart.
Students brainstorm adjectives to describe each animal.

We have included two copies of this mini book.  One has the nouns and adjectives to go along with each picture already printed on each page in a dotted font.

Over 18
pages in this

The other mini book has a blank space on each page where the adjective goes.  You can encourage higher level thinking skills by using the  adjectives you brainstormed for each animal and have students pick the adjective they want to write on each page.

This is also great to use with older students who can come up with their own adjectives.  When older students finish their mini books, they may share them with the kindergarten students at your school!  :)

This mini book would be great to read with our CRICKET PUPPET.


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