Saturday, April 13, 2013

No Whining Allowed!

"That was easy!"

I have completely eliminated complaining about the work being too hard by placing an EASY button in my classroom.  If the work was "easy" for you, you get to press the EASY button.  And it comes in Spanish too!
Working hard!  :)

I also use puppets to encourage effort and eliminate whining.  I use a different puppet each day.
No more complaining, no whining, and they are soooo proud to show me that they can do their work independently!  It's win-win and then, I can use the puppets at my literacy center.  :)

The BASEBALL PUPPET tosses you a foam ball and says, "Way to go!" when you turn in quality work.

The CHEF PUPPET says, "Easy, Peasie, lemon squeeze!"

The MERMAID says, "You're swimming circles around me!"

And the FIRE FIGHTER says, "You're on fire!" 


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