Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More Treasures From My Shopping Spree

So, I love to collect cute containers for students to use while adding or subtracting.  Besides the fine-motor benefits, it make math so much more FUN!  I found these little gems at Walmart:

I'll place 5 little glass pebbles (the kind you place in a vase) inside each Elmo.
For addition, I will have to stick a fun foam dot on one side of each pebble
or I can draw an X on one side of each pebble.
Then, when students spill them out, they 1st count how many landed with the X or dot on top
and write that number down.   Then, write a + sign.
Next, they count how many landed without the X or dot on top and write that number down.
Then, they write an = sign.
Last, they write the sum (5) to create their number sentences.
We have a template for all sums 2-10 here on TPT.

I also found these cute containers for holding addition or subtraction sets.
They were $1 per bag.
I think the Sponge Bob boxes will be cute with tiny squares cut from sponges
or google eyes inside each one.
I might put jewels in the princess boxes.
Either way, they can open their boxes and subtract along with me. 


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