Saturday, April 6, 2013

Glue Management - Part II

Here is an idea I got from another teacher in our district.

She puts out little plastic lids.  (Of course, I put red lids at the red table, orange lids at the orange table, green lids at the green table, etc!)

The students squeeze a little "puddle" of glue on the lid.
They dip one finger in the glue and use it to glue their pieces together.

Then, all they have to do is rub their fingers together to get the excess glue off of their little fingers.

Glue left on the "glue tray" can sit overnight.  Just peel off the dried puddle in the morning.  :)


  1. I wonder if they would wind up with more or less glue on their fingers than before? They always get it on themselves anyway! :)
    Thanks for another great idea!

  2. Hi Heidi,
    This glue tray works like a charm. I have used it for years. They usually just dip the tip of their pointer finger in the puddle because they don't want too much on their finger to have to wipe off.
    At the beginning of the year, I model how to squeeze a puddle of glue, "Not a lot, just a dot!"