Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Break: Time For Planting & Crafting

Lovin' Spring Break

I took one day off from my "To Do" list to drive up the coast.
Los Olivos is our favorite little town for a yummy lunch.
Then, we stopped at the farmers' Market in Solvang & then headed back down the coast.
One of the things I love about Spring Break is that it is two weeks long!  It takes me one whole week to get my house organized again and start to relax.  That leaves me with another week to REALLY RELAX.   :)  One week just would not be enough.

Time For Planting

I have been planting in my garden at home and when I return to school we will start planting our organic raised bed garden, we will plant beans in plastic bags, and radish seeds in egg shells.
I was able to build these with the grant I was awarded from SCKC.
We will be making these with radish seeds instead of grass seeds.
This image was from Pinterest.  We are still collecting egg shells.  

If you follow my blog, you have seen these for planting beans with staples that keep the beans from rotting and allow the roots through.Click the image for the flowerpot template.  

Here Are 2 More Ideas I Plan To Try:

These are from Pinterest:

Did You Vote For Our Garden?

It's super easy.  Just click here and vote for us (Peachland School).  You can vote once per day per device!!!  
Just click on the image & it will take you to the quick & easy voting page.  Thank you!

So, Back To My Spring Break

So, after all of my "to do" stuff (which I really haven't finished yet, but I'm getting there), I will be stamping more silverware.  
I hammer metal letter stamps into the silver.
You might have seen the butter knives I made for Christmas.  I stamped right into silver plated butter knives little messages that you might "spread" like joy, peace, love, & cheer.

I also stamped the names of herbs on silver plated forks and I use them as plant markers.  These are my organic herbs that sit in my garden window over my kitchen sink.

I LoVe my plant markers!

Have You Checked Out My Boards Lately?

I have been posting on 2 new boards on Pinterest.  One is a group board with all of the SCKC Bloggers.  SOOOO many great ideas and most of them are FREE!  The other is via Heidi, from Heidi's Songs.  That one is called Sneaking the fun back in the classroom.  You can find them both by clicking RIGHT HERE.

Well, I better get back to my "To Do" list before my break is over.  

See you all tomorrow.
Palma :)


  1. Thanks for a great post. Lots of great ideas! (And I love Solvang, too!)

  2. Thank you, Teachtrue2. I LoVe hearing from my readers. :)