Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Special Discount Code Just For YOU!

A Special Conference:

Have you ever thought of attending I Teach K!?  It's the BEST national kindergarten conference  EVER and I have a special discount code just for YOU!
Click the image to see all of the fun at I Teach K!

Come and see me and tons of other amazing presenters like Dr. Jean, Deanna Jump, Heidi Butkus, Kim Adsit, Kimberly Jordano, Marc Brown, Kathy Griffin, DeeDee Wills, Shari Sloane, Calvie Clement, and lots more July 7-10 in Las Vegas!  Come for 1 to 4 days, it's your choice.

These are just a few of the presenters you can see at I Teach K!

A  SPECIAL Discount Code just for YOU:

Just click on the image below to register and grab your special discount code (Nat10) to use during check out and get 10% off!  
Click the image to get the code.
I'll be presenting four sessions on Wednesday, July 9 that address Common Core Standards.
I'm presenting:

Turning Your Kinders into Addition & Subtraction Magicians
Make your own Rekenrek and learn how this math tool will facilitate conceptual understanding of addition and subtraction and transform your math lessons.

Math & Art, Together at Last!
Learn how to create unique art projects that teach math & make an amazing one yourself!

It's A Great Day For Science!
No time for science?  Discover new ways to integrate science across the curriculum. 
Includes everything from 5 Senses to magnets, weather, plants, animals & 
a make-&-take project too!

All Set:  Core Writing Techniques for Your Emergent Writers
Learn how to use this kid-friendly technique to teach beginning writing skills.
Every child can be a successful writer!  You will get a starter set for free!

All four of my sessions are "Make-&-Take" workshops.

They are offering a discount on accommodations at The Venetian Hotel & flights are on sale right now through Southwest Airlines.

Let me know if you'll be joining us in Las Vegas.
See you all tomorrow.
Palma :)


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