Thursday, January 30, 2014

I Can't Wait. Common Core At Its Best!

And The Theme Is Common Core!

Feb. 28-Mar 1:
So many wonderful sessions and amazing speakers!  It will be a chance to see Common Core in action presented by teachers and educators who have already experienced Common Core in their schools.  From the pre-conference to the 2-day conference, to the Bloggers' Bash,  and the vendors, it's sure to be an amazing event.

And did I mention that there is a pre-conference with Deanna Jump?
And a Bloggers' Bash with 16 bloggers, dinner, prizes, and freebies!?
And so many wonderful vendors that you can shop 'til you drop?!
They have nearly sold out!
For more info and to register, click {HERE}

See you all tomorrow!


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