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Finally!!! Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy, Interactive Homework!

It's Super Simple:

I kept this homework pack simple.  Homework should NOT cause tension in the house!
It should be enjoyable and it should involve interaction with an adult.  

Homework Should Be Easy:

This homework will not cause tears or frustration.  It is straightforward and easy peasy!  
If you want to add additional pages to it, feel free to do so.  Make it work for you.  :)

Homework Should Be Meaningful:

If it's meaningful, the child is more likely to learn from it.  No one wants to just do busy work!  Looking for objects in your house or letters in a magazine makes the learning real and relevant.  

Homework Should Be A Reflection Of The Classroom:

This pack comes with a Homework Folder Cover Page that includes a sample of each letter, number, 2D shapes, and lines where the teacher can write the student's name as a sample of correct letter formation:

The skills included in this pack are letter names and formation, number names and formation, 2D shapes (including the new Common Core hexagon), colors, and more.

Homework Should Be Interactive:

At this age, homework should involve a parent who can interact and engage in conversations with the child.  For example, when looking for objects in the home that are blue, parents are encouraged to help their child find many blue objects and then decide which one to illustrate.

Homework Should Help Parents Work With Their Child:

Many parents ask me how to help their child.  They are often looking for iPad apps, workbooks, or flashcards.  My response is always to talk to their child, take them for a walk, discuss the world around you!  

Things To Discuss When Reading To Your Child:

One of the suggestions found in the parent letter refers to reading with their child.  It suggests discussing the characters in the story, the setting, the problem (or the wish), and the resolution or how the problem or wish was solved.  

We Invited Parents To School To Learn How To Work With Their Child:

We set up tables with interactive projects and we taught parents questions to ask while working with their child.  It was a huge success!  

Homework Should Be Easy To Correct:

Wouldn't you LOVE to be able to quickly assess your students' homework each week?  These pages can be quickly scanned or accuracy and to check if they are complete.  1, 2, 3 and you are done!  

I staple a class list inside a file folder.  I label the columns with the date each homework assignment is due.  I record a +, check, or a - based on whether or not the homework is complete and neat.  

Homework Should Be Used As Reinforcement:

I never use homework as an assessment tool to assess skills,  Rather, I encourage parents to assist their child to erase and correct their homework before they turn it in as an attempt to establish a level of quality for their homework before they feel it is complete and ready to turn in.  Therefore, the skills on the page are all skills I have introduced in class, even the lace tying skill.  

Homework Should Be FUN!

As with everything we do here at KFUNdamentals, we want to keep the FUN in the fundamentals so we keep homework fun too.  Searching for things in your home or letters in a magazine is way more fun than writing sight words 5 times each!  

How To Get All 34 Homework Pages:

Click {Here} for the download and to download the preview where you can read the directions and the parent letter and see a full size sample of 2 of the Easy Interactive Homework pages.

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