Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tonight Was Open House!

We had a fabulous Open House tonight!  So many parents and children came through my room.  We had our Open House video playing throughout the evening with two different songs playing in the background; "What A Wonderful World" sung by Iz and "Forever Young" sung by Joan Baez.  I loved seeing so many of my past students and their families too.  Here is what my room looked like right before Open House began:
View of our batik prints hanging behind the bees
and our writing wall on the right.
Here are the batik prints up close.
Click on the photo to get the batik directions.
Our painting easel is covered with a plastic table cloth & I keep
damp sponges on top of the paint cups.
The brushes poke through a hole in the sponges.
And, yes, that's a giant iPhone.  The kids practice their phone number on it.  
Here is the blog post on how to set up your painting center so you don't have to wash brushes every day.  
Our home center includes a dress up area made from a book
shelf turned on its end.  I added self-sticking hooks to hang
up the surgeon's greens, police shirt, fire fighter jacket, and
caps.  Everything in the home center is labeled with
environmental print.  I also have framed photos of
our class mascot, Boomer the dog.  
You can find Boomer, the dog's take-home book template here.

Our discovery center complete with a white lab coat,
magnifying glass, a ruler with each inch colored, a
variety of plants that we planted from seeds, and
ladybugs waiting to hatch.
 Here is a previous blog post on how to plant beans in a Zip-lock bag so they don't just rot.
Click on the photo to see where to get the flower pot template along with the directions and special tips for successful sprouting.
Our library has its own lamp.  I turn it on
and off each day and it provides a nice,
soft light that cuts down on the glare
from the florescent lights.
Laminate sight words, CVC words, or
phrases and tape to the carpet.
Students read before hopping.
A view from the other end of the room.
That's a giant spider on our ceiling.  
I have too many photos to share in one post.
I'll post more photos tomorrow of my classroom.
See you tomorrow!
Palma :)


  1. Love all of your pictures! Your classroom is so colorful and bright! It's giving me great ideas for my own classroom. Your home drama center is amazing!

    Cheers To School

  2. Thank you, Andrea! You are so sweet. I wrote a grant several years ago for the kitchen furniture. Adding the dress up area has totally enhanced their play. What state do you teach in?
    Palma :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Well done!