Sunday, May 5, 2013

Puppet SALE to Show Our Appreciation For Our Teachers!

We are celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week by offering our detailed puppets for only $5.25 when you buy 3.   That brings the price down to $5.25 each!  And shipping is a flat $2.95 for 1, 2, 3, or 4 puppets!
I have been using these adorable puppets   at the puppet center in my classroom, but I also use them to introduce letter sounds and other concepts.  We normally retail these detailed puppets for $7 (and they sell elsewhere for $10) each, but for this week, May 5-11, we will send you an extra puppet FREE when you buy 3 and we won't charge you any extra shipping.  :)
Just click on the image to go to our TPT store where you can purchase your first 3 puppets.   Then, email us at to let us know which 3 puppets you bought and which puppet you want for free and we will include it in the package at no extra cost to you!  :)   Although this deal does not include the plush kangaroo and full-arm bear puppets, we are offering those 2 puppets, which retail for $12-$20 each, for a special price this week of 2 for $20.  You can mix & match 2 kangaroos, 2 bears, or 1 of each.  
Many of our puppets go perfectly with Zoo Phonics or the Houghton Mifflin reading series.
We have:
B for Bear
C for Cat

D for duck
E for elephant

R for Rabbit(Zoo Phonics)

R for Rooster
T for Tiger

Z for Zebra

We also use the cricket puppet to go with our adjective book, Quick As A Cricket.

The King of Ing helps to teach verbs with our King of Ing mini book.
And we use our purple mouse puppet to go with our color mixing book The Tale of the Purple Mouse.

Our Community Helper puppets (fire fighter, police officer, chef (or baker),
construction worker,  ballerina, and baseball player) help us to understand their roles.


Our favorite is our 100 year old man and woman, Mr. & Mrs. Geezer.  Iza and Ima Geezer help us celebrate the 100th day of school.  We have a 100 Day packet too.  (Note:  The 100 year old lady comes with gray hair, not the dark hair you see in the photo.)  Both puppets are available separately.


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