Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Wonderful World of Color

I like to celebrate a different color each week during the first two months of kindergarten and our new "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" book is fits perfectly with each color week.  We also offer a cute Brown Bear Puppet to help you read this story.

For RED WEEK, we do a variety of red activities:
We make a Clifford puppet, we write about red lollipops, we eat strawberries, and we wear red on Friday for a class picture.  That is also the week we paint the red bird from our new Brown Bear Book.
When I print the student book, I DON'T collate & staple the pages.  We paint one page each week as we celebrate each color.  At the end of the first two months, I re-read Bill Martin's Brown Bear book and the students put their painted pages in the correct sequence, staple it, and take it home to read to their families.

Here are some of the other activities we do for each color week:

Blue Week:  Eat blueberries, make blue slime, write about blue things, write about things that are square and mount the writing on blue paper squares to make a class book, wear blue on Friday.

Yellow Week:  Make lemonade by squeezing lemons, make a yellow crown, write about triangles and mount the writing on yellow triangles to make a class book, wear yellow on Friday.

Green Week:  Eat green grapes, mix yellow and blue paint to make green, lace a green card stock rectangle with green yarn, write about things that are rectangles and mount on green paper to make a class book, wear green on Friday.

Orange Week:  Make orange juice by squeezing oranges, make orange by mixing yellow and red paint or play dough, color fall leaves different shades of orange, wear orange on Friday for a class picture.

Purple Week:  Eat purple grapes, make potato prints from purple potatoes (I find these at our local Farmer's Market.  Search your produce market for other purple foods.), make purple by mixing red and blue paint or play dough, complete The Tale of the Purple Mouse mini book and re-tell the story with a purple puppet
.  Click HERE or on the image for The Purple Tale book.  Click HERE or on the image for the purple puppet.

Brown Week:  We re-visit the Brown Bear Book and read other bear books with our full-arm Fuzzy Bear puppet.  We wear brown on Friday, make individual brownies in paper cups (baked in an electric frying pan), and end the week with a Teddy Bear Picnic where we eat our Brown Geometry Bear Biscuits which we make from spheres of dough.

White Week:  We make white ghosts, eat marshmallows, and where white on Friday for a class picture.

Gray Week:  We learn how to color gray things with the side of a pencil, we make gray by mixing black and white paint, we read elephant and hippo books with our elephant puppet and our hippo puppet, we eat sunflower seeds, and wear gray on Friday for a class picture.

Black Week:  We make black bats.  We all look so elegant when we all wear black for our class picture for Black Week.

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Let me know if you have any questions about the colorful activities.
And Remember to Keep the FUN in the FUNdamentals!


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