Thursday, May 29, 2014

Keeping The FUN In The FUNdamentals & A FLASH SALE

Making Learning Fun:

On Wednesdays, we have a "letter study" session.  The children place a cube on each item that begin's with the letter we are studying.  This allows me to re-use our old (and expensive) Letter Books year after year.  

They also get to dot the focus letter with a bingo marker and copy the focus letter 3 times.

Then, they get to trace the laminated letter cards with a dry erase marker so I can check for correct starting points and correct letter formation.  I made tracing cards for number formation too.  You can find them by clicking right HERE.

I'm having a FLASH SALE on these Number Formation Cards, 
so grab them while you can.  
Here are the number formations cards.
Just print on card stock & laminate. 
Click the image to see the download.

Last, they get to use a pushpin and poke holes in the dotted letter.  This is great for their fine-motor development.  
They even get a color-coordinated pin.
They push the pin into the rug so they don't stick themselves.

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