Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Cutest Healthy Snacks Ever!

Does Your School District Have A Wellness Policy?

Ours does, so I have made a huge effort to eliminate unhealthy food from my classroom and incorporate healthy alternatives.  Here are some of the new food ideas I have found:
My friend made these for her grandson's party.  Aren't they the cutest things you have ever seen?
We Plan To Use This One For Our Kindergarten Graduation Celebration instead of cookies and juice.  They will go perfectly with our ocean and beach theme.  

In August, we began the year by making organic orange juice:

Students got to use their 5 senses as we prepared the juice.

Each child got to squeeze one orange and drink the juice.
Now they know that OJ comes from real oranges and not just from a carton.  


 In September, we made organic applesauce:

The children peeled & cored apples.

They chopped the apples with plastic knives.

We cooked the chopped apples in an electric frying pan
with a little filtered water and cinnamon.  Yum!

October Party Treat:

One of our parents sent in these hollowed out oranges.  She cut the face out with a knife and filled them with fruit salad.  The kids LOVED them.  
The kids didn't get to make these, but they sure enjoyed them.

In November, we made a friendship salad, cornbread, & butter:

Cutting up organic fruit with plastic knives.

Shaking up organic cream to make pure, unsalted butter.

We mixed & baked cornbread in paper cups placed in an electric frying pan.
Just set it for 350 degrees, put the lid on, and it becomes an oven.
The cups don't burn if you get the ones with an airspace at the bottom.
 We wrote the kids' names on the bottoms of the cups.  

Our healthy Thanksgiving feast. 

Healthy Candy Canes:

We created an AB pattern with sliced organic strawberries and bananas.  
Plastic knives, paper plates, & fruit is all you need.

Our Valentine's Day Celebration:

Organic fruit & light cream.

They loved their Valentine treat.

Healthy Harvest Salad:

Each child got to plant within their own square foot of soil.

Enjoying some salad.  
We planted an organic garden in raised beds made from a grant I got from the Southern CA Kindergarten Conference.  You can get more information about their grants by clicking HERE.

When we harvested the veggies, we made a huge garden salad. 

This went perfectly with our Plant unit.  We will be planting our beans in ZipLock bags soon.
We will use these cute flowerpot templates and we will be sure to staple the bags so the beans don't sit in the water at the bottom of the bag.  Complete directions are included in the download HERE.
Click the image for the download.

Click the image for the download.

Share your healthy snack ideas by leaving a comment.  
See you all tomorrow.
Palma :)



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