Monday, March 10, 2014

Common Core Subtraction With Our Crown Rekenreks

Yesterday, I Blogged About Adding With Rekenreks

You can view that post by clicking HERE.

For some serious subtraction FUN, we start with our student-made Rekenreks.  Directions about how to make them are in yesterday's post.  We made them out of Fun Foam crowns.   Use one pipe cleaner and ten pony beads, 5 red and 5 white beads for each Rekenrek.  The Fun Foam crowns above still need their pipe cleaners and beads, but you get the idea.  Right?

We slid all of the beads to the far right of the pipe cleaner with the white beads furthest to the right.  That is what we call "beginning position".

You can use the Rekenreks you make with the Fun Foam crowns along with our Jewel Math to teach, practice, and reinforce subtraction.  The Rekenrek gives your students a chance to demonstrate that they have conceptual understanding of subtraction which is what the Common Core is all about.   The Jewel Math gives your students a place to record their math equations.   
Click the graphic to see the download.
Jewel Math begins with subtraction from 2 and goes all the way to subtraction from 10.  

This page can be cut in half for 2 students to use.
Students can color in the same number of jewels that appear at the beginning of the equation on the Jewel Math worksheet.  They can cross out the number of jewels the equation tells them to subtract and they count the jewels that are not crossed out to find the answer for each equation.  

These tools help students to demonstrating conceptual understanding, record their equations, and have FUN.  :)

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