Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day Surprises & Our Nine SitSpot Winners

First, The Nine Lucky SitSpot Winners From Our Blog Hop:

Congratulations, Ladies.  Your email info has been sent to SitSpot.

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And, if you missed the hop (with tons of ideas for using SitSpots), just click here, scroll down to the next blog link at the bottom of the post, and click on the next blog button to see more ideas.  There are 9 blogs in all, so pull up a chair and enjoy the hop.  You can start hopping by clicking HERE.

St. Patrick's Day In Room 1:

Here are a few of the things we did today.  

First:  We followed our cute little green SitSpot footprints and found a note left by the leprechaun.
The footprints led to this note...
This was the 1st note.

One note led to another and we found ourselves gathering by each note trying to discover where the leprechaun was hiding.  
We found a clue on the calendar.
  You can download the freebie Rainbow Treasure   Hunt that  we used by clicking RIGHT HERE.
We found a clue by the puzzles.  

We found a clue under the V.I.P. chair.
We finally found the last note and discovered a class set of green cards.  Each card had a little poem and a shiny new "wishing" penny for each child to take home and use whenever they want to make a wish.  

Then it was time to make our leprechaun hats, beards, and vests:

We fringed our beards and curled them around a fat pencil.

We ordered numbers and glued them to the back of
the vest just to give it a Common Core twist.

While students made their costumes at the tables, I met with small groups and we used our measurement and estimation skills to do Potato Math:

Students brought in a variety of potatoes today.

We measured our potatoes.

We held one ounce of cubes in one hand and tried to guess
how many ounces our potato weighed.

This potato was 29 ounces!  

 Last, we were treated to some Irish dancing:

And here's a wee video for ya: 


I hope you all had a GREAT St. Patrick's Day.
I'll see you all on the 19th for St. Joseph's Day.
Palma :)


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