Tuesday, February 11, 2014

You Asked, I Will Answer... How We Made Those Cute Valentine Mailboxes

Did You See Our New Valentine Mailboxes?

We made them by using cereal boxes.  This is what we did:

-Collect cereal boxes and cut off the entire box top and top side tabs.
-Wrap the box in red butcher paper just like you would wrap a gift box, but instead of taping the top end of the box, just push the butcher paper into the cereal box and add a little tape to keep it flat inside the box.
-Cut out a circle for the head (that is about 6" in diameter) out of buff card stock or light tan construction paper glued to white card stock. 
-Die cut light tan construction paper hands.
-Cut red arms out of red construction paper that is about 3" wide X 24"-30" long.

Use white glue to tape the head inside the box and the hands on the arms with the thumbs up.
Glue the arms to the back of the box.  Add a name to the front of the box.  

Now you have a Valentine Mailbox that is big enough to hold all of those Valentines!  :)

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See you all tomorrow!
Palma :)


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