Sunday, February 16, 2014

Going, going, it's almost gone!

You will want to get all of these freebies!

All you have to do is click right HERE.  
Then, "like" that Facebook page.
Click the image to start the hop!
Then, find the icon that looks just like the one in the center of this image and click on it.
When you click the word "freebie" it will take you to the 1st freebie.

When you click the pink shell it will take you to the next Facebook page (which is mine) and you do the same thing:  
~Click the icon like the one in the center of this image.
~Click "freebie" for my freebie
~Click the pink shell to go to the next Facebook page.  

You must "like" the Facebook page to get the freebie.  
Best of all:  If you complete the hop, you get a chance to get a FREE registration for a GREAT conference!  Good luck & happy hopping!  :)

See you all tomorrow!
Palma :)


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