Grab These Freebies:

Egg Carton School Bus:

Click the image to grab the FREEBIE.

Just add your class photos to a painted egg carton.  Grab the FREE template for the wheels, door, lights, and stop sign by clicking on the image.  

Class Number Line:

Click the image to grab this set.

Use these cards to take attendance or to just practice number order.  I fold my cards and students hang them on a clothesline.  You are going to love the straight, not pointy, 4 and the straight, not curvy, 9. 

Kwanzaa Craft:

This is simple Kwanzaa craft that your students will love making.


Anonymous said...

FUN to check out your blog!

Unknown said...

I love your blog!

Aunt Marilyn said...

just found your blog. Love the ideas!

Unknown said...

I attended a workshop in Atlantic City and got a link from your post. I can't seem to find it and wondered if you could direct me. They were question cards for the block building area. For example some of the cards said "How can you get across the water?" and "How could you fix the house".
Dina Ziemba

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