Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What do YOU think this is: A Great Way to Wear Your Sight Words Home!

A Pocket Watch or a Locket:

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I created these Sight Word Pocket-Lockets so my students could wear their sight words home. They were a HUGE hit! 
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I also made two blank ones so you can create your own Pocket-Lockets with as many sight words as you like!

How It Works:

First, you copy the templates on colored construction paper. 
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Second, students trace the sight word and the numbers that are printed in a dotted font with a fine tip marking pen. 

Third, they cut out the pieces to create their pocket watch or locket. They glue the letters that spell the sight word on one side of the circle. 
If they fold it so the watch face is inside, it's a pocket watch.
If they fold it so the watch face is outside, it's a locket.
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Last, they cut a piece of roving yarn about 24" long, tie the ends together with a knot, and glue the center of the yarn to the inside of their pocket watch or locket. Even my Pre-K students were able to do this by themselves! 
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When they dry, they can wear their sight words home!
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My students LOVED making these SO much! They couldn't wait to see which sight word they could wear home next, and they loved letting the yarn (chain) on their pocket watch hang out of their pocket!

At first, all of the girls made lockets and all of the boys made pocket watches, but that soon changed and I had lots of boys wearing their sight word lockets home and lots of girls wearing their pocket watches hanging from their pockets. 

The best part was that they were talking about their sight words at home and using them in class during our daily journal writing time.

If you want to try these out for size, you can grab two Pocket-Lockets for FREE on TpT. Just CLICK HERE for the FREEBIE, or CLICK HERE for the full set of 18 Sight Word Pocket-Lockets PLUS 2 BLANK Pocket Lockets that may be used with additional sight words. 

I always taught sight words with Heidi's Songs: "Sing And Spell Sight Words" and then, they made their pocket watch or locket and sang about their sight word all the way home!  Check out Heidi's Sight Word CDs by CLICKING HERE


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