Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Guess What Happened While I Was In Wisconsin...


Yes, it snowed while I was presenting in Wisconsin! I was so excited! 

Right outside the window of my presentation room. 

Gorgeous, white snow was all around, but I was snug and warm in my presentation room where I presented on Math & Art, Emergent Writing, Addition & Subtraction, and Close Reading

Wonderful Wisconsin Teachers!

The teachers in Wisconsin were delightful! They are troopers too! They weathered the snow and drove in for the conference even though it was a SNOW DAY for many of them!
Teachers placing numbers on a giant number line.

We had tons of fun creating paper beads, batik, nature prints, < = > Monsters,  Rekenreks, Subtraction Strips, pre-writing paper bag settings, and silly sentences to promote our emergent writers. 
Number line fun.
I kept peeking out the window to see the snow outside my presentation room! What fun!
Taking another peek outside my window.

I'll be heading home in a few hours and then I'm off to Pasadena for the Southern CA Kindergarten Conference where I'm presenting on the importance of "Keeping Play in your Kindergarten Day" and "Re-telling Stories to Writing". I'll have a booth there and I'll be participating in the Blogger Bash. Can't wait! I'll be home soon where the temperature has been in the 80s. :)

Will I see you in Pasadena? Let me know in the comments and stop by my booth to say hi. 

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