Saturday, February 21, 2015

1-10 Common Core Math Geometry Assessment Done! AND a FREEBIE!

Easy Breezy Assessment FUN!

Have FUN completing these activities and your Kindergarten Common Core assessments are done!

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The Pattern Block mini books can cover your geometry assessments:
K.GA.1, K.G.A.2, K.G.A.3, K.G.B.4, K.G.B.5, AND K.G.B.6  (Just add "Turn & Talk" and you are done!)
Each set, 1-10, comes with ideas for composing pictures out of Pattern Block shapes.

It also covers Operations & Algebraic Thinking CCSS K.OA.A.1, K.OA.A.2, K.OA.A.5
You get 2 masters per page to easily run off mini books for each student.

With discussion, it also addresses CCSS: K.CC.B.5, K.OA.A.3, K.OA.A.5, K.MD.A.2, K.MD.B.3

This Bundle Includes TEN packets:

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Each pack (1-10) comes with activity ideas:

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You get complete directions and resources to create student-friendly Rekenreks (a simple counting rack that lets kids subtilize to instantly count).

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But That's Not All!

No,  that's not all!  You also get Circle Math for each number 1-10:

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And number counting, analyzing attributes of shapes, and practice with concepts of odd & even!

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And you get a FREEBIE in the PREVIEW!

Still Need More Assessment Help?

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