Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Birthday Week 1, 2, 3 Sale Has Started !!!

Here Is How It Works:

Birthdays are about giving, right?  I appreciate my followers sooooo much that I am giving you all HUGE DISCOUNTS on 3 items each day during my birthday week.

Each day, beginning July 24, I will offer 3 deeply discounted items in my TPT store.
Click the image to view my entire TPT store.

For 1 day only:
One item will be on sale for $1.00.
One item will be on sale for $2.00.
One item will be on sale for $3.00.

This is a good combination because TPT requires a minimum purchase of $3.00, so if you combine any 2 of the sale items, or just buy the $3.00 item, you are good to go.   

Today's Sale Items:

Today's discounted items are all about writing:

Today's $1.00 item:  4 Stare Writing Journal With Rubric  (75% off)  
Today's $2.00 item:  Month-To-Month Writing  (60% off)
Today's $3.00 item:  Instant Writing (40% off)

$1.00 today only.

$2.00 today only.

$3.00 today only.

Come Back Every Day:

I plan to run this "1, 2, 3 Sale", featuring 3 new items a day, for at least 7 days, maybe longer!  I might even have a "Super Special Sale" on my actual birthday.  Do you know which day that is?
Celebrate my summertime birthday with amazing savings ALL WEEK LONG. 

Leave a comment and I'll see you all tomorrow.
Palma :)


  1. The instant writing is not discounted in the TPT store...hmmmm. I want all three :)

  2. Just fixed it. Sorry for the glitch. Thanx for letting me know about it. :)