Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 3: It's All About The First Days of School

What You'll Need For The Beginning of The School Year:

Our 1, 2, 3 Sale is on Day 3 and our theme for today is 
What you'll Need To Start The Year

Our $1.00 item (reg price $3.00):

I'm Ready For T.K. - Beginning on Day 1, complete 1-2 pages each day to create a great book to take home.  
7 pages of FUN.

Our $2.00 item (reg price $5.00):

Our Letter-Name book - Begin Day 1 looking for the letter A or a in your students' names.  Look for a different letter each day and compare the number of times you found each letter. 

26 pages of FUN!

Our $3.00 item (reg. price $8.00)

Easy Interactive Homework - Make homework meaningful, yet simple for you to correct and record.  You get 34 homework pages that are easy, yet they encourage conversations at home while reinforcing skills learned at school.  

Send home one page on Mondays and they are due on Fridays.

I hope you like today's offerings.  Come by tomorrow for more FUN stuff!

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