Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 2 Of My Birthday Week 1, 2, 3 Sale & A Classroom Set Up Tip

Day 2's Theme Is...

Whole group rug time.  

Day 2 has even bigger discounts!

Today, you can enjoy 50% - 75% off of these rug time products.
Record the adventures of Boomer, your class mascot, in his very own book.  Record the events of your day in our monthly daily diary books, and have your students interact during whole group calendar time with their own individual iCalendars.

Boomer, The Mascot's Take-Home Book:

Get yourself a stuffed dog to be your classroom mascot.
Read Boomer Goes To School to your class and 
send your very own Boomer home 
with a different child each weekend.  
They can record what they did with Boomer on their special page.

Click on Boomer.

Daily Classroom Diary Pack:

At the end of each day, your students can help you 
complete the day's diary page.  
Your "special helper" of the day can illustrate it.
At the end of each month, send the book home each day 
with a different student to foster the home/school connection.

Click on any of the images.
You get a colorful cover for each month.


Each month has a fill-in-the-blank page.They get more challenging as the year goes by.

Interactive iCalendar:

Turn calendar time into an interactive time!
You use all of the graphics provided 
to make your own custom iCalendars.
Students complete their own iCalendar page while your
special student of the day completes the class calendar.
Designed to look like an iPad.

Use the graphics, like the ones above, to
create your own progressive and interactive iCalendar pages.

And a Classroom Set-up tip:

Use small catsup and mustard bottles for white glue.  Add the little plastic pins that come with rollers (the type with the brush inside, not the snap on type) and your glue bottles will never be clogged again.  Read all about it by clicking HERE or on the image:

I found these at the Target Dollar Spot.  They were 2 for $1.00.

Come back each day to help celebrate my birthday week 
with my 1, 2, 3 one-day sale each day.
See you all tomorrow.
Palma :)


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