Saturday, June 21, 2014

1, 2, 3 Classroom Set-Up Part 1 of ??? "Before The Kids Arrive" (& a FREEBIE)

1, 2, 3 Classroom Set-Up Series:

This is part 1 in a series of awesome tips for setting up your classroom for the new year.  Each day I will post 3 tried and true "Classroom Set-Up" ideas that have evolved over the past 35 years (OMG, have I REALLY been teaching that long?) all here in one place just for you.  Come back each day to see more tips that will help you save time and help your new school year run smoothly.  

Tip 1:  Before The Kids Arrive:

I remove the laminated graphics and replace them with
seasonal graphics for more photos all year long!

I found this white frame at a flea market and I added the graphics for their First Day photo which will look great on the bulletin board for Back-to-School-Night AND it will go in their memory book too!

Tip 2:  A Note For The Parents:

This photo includes the comfort note and the laminated name tags for each student.
The color of the name tag tells them their color on the rainbow rug
and which colored table to sit at.  
I prepare a comfort note for the parents and I attach a cotton ball to each one.  Last year, I printed the note on colored hearts.  
You can grab one version of this note by clicking HERE.  

Click the image to grab this Giving Tree for FREE.

Tip 3:  The Giving Tree:

I print this "Giving Tree" and laminate it for use all year long.  I add apple Post-its (but the square Post-its work just fine) and I write on the tree and on the Post-it the item I need, how many I need, and when I need it.  Parents grab and apple and sign their name to the apple on the laminated tree.   Then I know who is bringing what and when.  
You can grab this Giving Tree FREE by clicking HERE.

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See you all tomorrow with more tips.
Palma :)


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