Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lemonade anyone??? & a FREEBIE

While you are setting up your pre-school, Tk, Kgtn., or 1st grade classroom, don't forget the lemonade stand.

You can set up a fun math/oral language/dramatic play center with just a small desk and a sign, but if you have a puppet stage, you can easily turn it into a lemonade stand.

I was able to get this lemonade stand from Sunkist a few years back for making a donation to my favorite charity.

My students LOVE to pretend to make lemonade with the plastic lemons, hand juicer, and toy pitchers, but after a week or so of that, we get to make real lemonade!

My dear friend volunteers in my classroom and loves to help with the "cooking" activities.

I bring in my old (older than me) juicer for this activity and I use my "Giving Tree" donation sign to let my classroom parents know which items we need.  I request organic lemons, organic sugar, bottled water, and small paper cups.

You can pick up my "Giving Tree" chart for FREE by clicking HERE or on the image.
Click on the image.

Each child gets to come up to the special lemonade table to make their own individual cup of lemonade.  We like to bring up two at a time.  The first child makes lemonade while the second child watches.

When the first child is done, they get the next child on the list.

They get to cut the lemons in half (math), squeeze the juice out with the old juicer (times past- social studies), measure out the sugar and lemon juice (math), stir and enjoy (5 seances - science).  In addition, they got to play at the lemonade stand and buy pretend lemonade with play money (dramatic play and math).

Here is the recipe:

4 oz of bottled water
1 Table spoon of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of sugar
Stir and enjoy :)

I hope you can set up a lemonade stand in your classroom too.
Share your cute center ideas in the comment section.

Come back tomorrow for more Classroom ideas.
Palma :)


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